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2016. Christe, Camille, Stölting, Kai N., Paris, Margot, Fraїsse, Christelle, Bierne, Nicolas, and Lexer, Christian. Speciation often involves repeated episodes of genetic contact between divergent populations before reproductive isolation (RI) is complete. Whole-... Molecular Ecology. University of Fribourg, University of Montpellier, and University of Vienna.
2015. Cornille, Amandine, Feurtey, Alice, Gélin, Uriel, Ropars, Jeanne, Misvanderbrugge, Kristine, Gladieux, Pierre, and Giraud, Tatiana. Gene flow is an essential component of population adaptation and species evolution. Understanding of the natural and anthropogenic factors affectin... Evolutionary Applications. Uppsala University, University of Paris-Sud, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Université de Sherbrooke, and Forestry and Game Management Research Institute.
2011. Perrier, Charles, Guyomard, René, Baglinière, Jean-Luc, and Evanno, Guillaume. Disentangling the effects of natural environmental features and anthropogenic factors on the genetic structure of endangered populations is an impo... Molecular Ecology. INRA, UMR 0985 Ecology and Health of Ecosystems, 35042 Rennes, France* and INRA, UMR INRA 1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology, Domaine de Vilvert, 78352 Jouy‐en‐Josas Cedex, France*.
2012. Widmer, Ivo, Dal Grande, Francesco, Excoffier, Laurent, Holderegger, Rolf, Keller, Christine, Mikryukov, Vladimir S., and Scheidegger, Christoph. In lichen symbiosis, fungal and algal partners form close associations, often co-dispersed by vegetative propagules. Due to the particular interdep... Molecular Ecology. Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology.
2012. Richter-Boix, Alex, Quintela, María, Kierczak, Marcin, Franch, Marc, and Laurila, Anssi. Adaptive ecological differentiation among sympatric populations is promoted by environmental heterogeneity, strong local selection and restricted g... Molecular Ecology. Uppsala University, University of A Coruña, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and University of Barcelona.
2012. Luttikhuizen, Pieternella C., Drent, Jan, Peijnenburg, Katja T. C. A., van der Veer, Henk W., and Johannesson, Kerstin. The role of natural selection in speciation has received increasing attention and support in recent years. Different types of approaches have been ... Molecular Ecology. Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and University of Gothenburg.