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2020. Csillery, Katalin, Buchmann, Nina, and Fady, Bruno. Drought is one of the most important selection pressures for forest trees in the context of climate change. Yet, the different evolutionary mechani... Evolutionary Applications. Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL*, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment.
2020. becheler, ronan, Guillemin, Marie-Laure, Stoeckel, Solenn, Mauger, Stéphane, Saunier, Alice, Brante, Antonio, Christophe, Destombe, and Myriam, Valero. Catastrophic events can have profound effects on the demography of a population and consequently, on genetic diversity. The dynamics of post-catast... Evolutionary Applications. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, University Austral de Chile, Institute for Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection, Central University of Chile, Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception, and Austral University of Chile.
2016. Havill, Nathan P., Shiyake, Shigehiko, Lamb Galloway, Ashley, Foottit, Robert G., Yu, Guoyue, Paradis, Annnie, Elkinton, Joseph, Montgomery, Michael E., Sano, Masakazu, Caccone, Adalgisa, and Paradis, Annie. Hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae, is an invasive pest of hemlock trees (Tsuga) in eastern North America. We used 14 microsatellites and mitoc... Molecular Ecology. United States Department of Agriculture, Osaka Museum of Natural History, Virginia Tech, Northern Research Station, Hokkaido University, Yale University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst.
2016. Kaiser, Sara, Taylor, Scott A., Chen, Nancy, Sillett, Scott, Bondra, Eliana R., Webster, Michael, Kaiser, Sara A., and Sillett, T. Scott. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are preferred over microsatellite markers in many evolutionary studies, but have only recently been applied ... Molecular Ecology Resources. Macaulay Library; Cornell Lab of Ornithology; 159 Sapsucker Woods Rd Ithaca NY 14850 USA*, University of Colorado Boulder, Cornell University, National Zoological Park, and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.
2018. Whiting, James R., Magalhaes, Isabel S., Singkam, Abdul R., Robertson, Shaun, D'Agostino, Daniele, Bradley, Janette E., MacColl, Andrew D.C., and MacColl, Andrew D. C. Understanding how wild immune variation covaries with other traits can reveal how costs and trade-offs shape immune evolution in the wild. Divergen... Molecular Ecology. University of Nottingham, University of Sussex, University of Roehampton, University of Bengkulu, and University of Glasgow.
2016. Liu, Lei, Ang, Keng Pee, Elliott, J. A. K., Kent, Matthew Peter, Lien, Sigbjørn, MacDonald, Danielle, and Boulding, Elizabeth Grace. Comparative genome scans can be used to identify chromosome regions, but not traits, that are putatively under selection. Identification of targete... Evolutionary Applications. University of Guelph, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
2013. Hemmer-Hansen, Jakob, Nielsen, Einar E., Therkildsen, Nina O., Taylor, Martin I., Ogden, Rob, Geffen, Audrey J., Bekkevold, Dorte, Helyar, Sarah, Pampoulie, Christophe, Johansen, Torild, and Carvalho, Gary R. The genomic architecture underlying ecological divergence and ecological speciation with gene flow is still largely unknown for most organisms. One... Molecular Ecology. Technical University of Denmark, University of East Anglia, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, University of Bergen, Bangor University, Marine Research Institute, and Institute of Marine Research Tromsø; PO Box 6404 Tromsø N-9294 Norway*.