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2013. Geraldes, Armando, DiFazio, Steve P., Slavov, Gancho T., Ranjan, Priya, Muchero, Wellington, Hannemann, Jan, Gunter, Lee E., Wymore, Ann M., Grassa, Christopher J., Farzaneh, Nima, Porth, Ilga, Mckown, Athena D., Skyba, Oleksandr, Li, Eryang, Fujita, Miki, Klápště, Jaroslav, Martin, Joel, Schackwitz, Wendy, Pennacchio, Christa, Rokhsar, Daniel, Friedmann, Michael C., Wasteneys, Geoffrey O., Guy, Robert D., El-Kassaby, Yousry A., Mansfield, Shawn D., Cronk, Quentin C. B., Ehlting, Juergen, Douglas, Carl J., and Tuskan, Gerald A. Genetic mapping of quantitative traits requires genotypic data for large numbers of markers in many individuals. For such studies, the use of large... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of British Columbia, West Virginia University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Victoria, Monash University, and Joint Genome Institute.
2018. Irwin, Darren E., Milá, Borja, Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Kenyon, Haley L., Porter, Alison N., Grossen, Christine, Delmore, Kira E., Alcaide, Miguel, and Irwin, Jessica H. Detailed evaluations of genomic variation between sister species often reveal distinct chromosomal regions of high relative differentiation (i.e., ... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Cornell University, University of California System, Queen's University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, and Simon Fraser University.
2016. Vines, Timothy H., Dalziel, Anne C., Albert, Arianne, Veen, Thor, Schulte, Patricia Marita, Schluter, Dolph, Schulte, Patricia M., and Albert, Arianne Y. K. Strong ecological selection on a genetic locus can maintain allele frequency differences between populations in different environments, even in the... Evolution. University of British Columbia, Saint Mary's University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Women's Health Research Institute.
2014. Milián-García, Yoamel, Ramos-Targarona, Roberto, Pérez-Fleitas, Etiam, Sosa-Rodríguez, Gustavo, Guerra-Manchena, Leiter, Alonso-Tabet, Manuel, Espinosa-López, Georgina, and Russello, Michael A. Inter-specific hybridization may be especially detrimental when one species is extremely rare and the other is abundant owing to the potential for ... Heredity. University of Havana, Empresa Nacional para la Protección de la Flora y la Fauna, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba*, and University of British Columbia.
2013. Hodgins, Kathryn A., Lai, Zhao, Oliveira, Luiz O., Still, David W., Scascitelli, Moira, Barker, Michael S., Kane, Nolan C., Dempewolf, Hannes, Kozik, Alex, Kesseli, Richard V., Burke, John M., Michelmore, Richard W., and Rieseberg, Loren H. Although the Compositae harbours only two major food crops, sunflower and lettuce, many other species in this family are utilized by humans and hav... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of British Columbia, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Arizona, University of Colorado Boulder, University of California, Davis, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and University of Georgia.