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2017. Catton, Haley A., Lalonde, Robert G., Buckley, Yvonne M., and De Clerck-Floate, Rosemarie A. Understanding the impact of herbivory on plant populations is a fundamental goal of ecology. Damage to individual plants can be visually striking a... Ecosphere. University of British Columbia, Trinity College, and Agriculture and Agri‐Food CanadaLethbridge Research Centre Lethbridge Alberta T1J 4B1 Canada*.
2017. Ojeda Alayon, Dario I., Tsui, Clement K. M., Feau, Nicolas, Capron, Arnaud, Dhillon, Braham, Yiyuan, Zhang, Massoumi Alamouti, Sepideh, Boone, Celia K., Carroll, Allan L., Cooke, Janice E.K., Roe, Amanda D., Sperling, Felix A. H., Hamelin, Richard C., Cooke, Janice E. K., and Zhang, Yiyuan. Bark beetles form multipartite symbiotic associations with blue stain fungi (Ophiostomatales, Ascomycota). These fungal symbionts play an important... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Northern British Columbia, Natural Resources Canada, and Université Laval.
2016. Suarez-Gonzalez, Adriana, Hefer, Charles, Christie, Camille, Corea, Oliver, Lexer, Christian, Cronk, Quentin C. B., Douglas, Carl J., Hefer, Charles A., and Christe, Camille. Natural hybrid zones in forest trees provide systems to study the transfer of adaptive genetic variation by introgression. Previous landscape genom... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, University of Vienna, and University of Fribourg.
2014. Toews, David P. L., Brelsford, Alan, Irwin, Darren E., Brelsford, A., Toews, D. P. L., and Irwin, D. E. Differences in seasonal migratory behaviours are thought to be an important component of reproductive isolation in many organisms. Stable isotopes ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of British Columbia and University of Lausanne.
2015. Caplins, Serena A., Gilbert, Kimberly J., Ciotir, Claudia, Roland, Jens, Matter, Stephen F., Keyghobadi, Nusha, Roland, J., Matter, S. F., Ciotir, C., Keyghobadi, N., and Caplins, S. A. Both landscape structure and population size fluctuations influence population genetics. While independent effects of these factors on genetic patt... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of California, Davis, University of British Columbia, Trent University, University of Alberta, University of Cincinnati, and Western University.
2016. Howard, Michelle, Bonham, Aaron, Heyland, Daren, Sudore, Rebecca, Fassbender, Konrad, Robinson, Carole, McKenzie, Michael, Elston, Dawn, and You, John J. Objectives: To assess feasibility, acceptability, and clinical sensibility of a novel survey, the Advance Care Planning (ACP) Engagement Survey in ... BMJ Open. McMaster University, Kingston General Hospital, San Francisco VA Medical Center, Covenant Health Palliative Institute*, University of British Columbia, and British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver Cancer Centre*.
2014. Catton, Haley A., Lalonde, Robert G., and De Clerck-Floate, Rosemarie A. Insects approved for classical biocontrol of weeds are often capable of using close relatives of their target weed for feeding, oviposition, or lar... Ecological Applications. University of British Columbia and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre, 5403 1st Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4B1 Canada*.
2011. Tsui, Clement Kin Ming, Roe, Amanda D., El-Kassaby, Yousry A., Rice, Adrianne V., Massoumi Alamouti, Sepideh, Sperling, Felix A. H., Cooke, Janice E. K., Bohlmann, Jörg, and Hamelin, Richard C. We investigated the population structure of Grosmannia clavigera (Gc), a fungal symbiont of the mountain pine beetle (MPB) that plays a crucial rol... Molecular Ecology. University of British Columbia and University of Alberta.