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2018. Choo, Brian, Lu, Jing, Giles, Sam, Trinajstic, Kate, and Long, John A. The study of early actinopterygians (ray-finned fishes) from the Devonian has been hampered by imperfect preservation in the majority of taxa. The ... Papers in Palaeontology. Flinders University, Australian National University, University of Oxford, and Curtin University.
2015. Kissling, Wilm Daniel, Dalby, Lars, Fløjgaard, Camilla, Lenoir, Jonathan, Sandel, Brody, Sandom, Christopher, Trøjelsgaard, Kristian, Svenning, Jens - Christian, and Svenning, Jens-Christian. Ecological trait data are essential for understanding the broad-scale distribution of biodiversity and its response to global change. For animals, ... Ecology and Evolution. University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University, and University of Oxford.
2016. Botterill-James, Thomas, Halliwell, Ben, Cooper-Scott, Emily, Uller, Tobias, Wapstra, Erik, and While, Geoffrey M. Parental care emerges as a result of an increase in the extent of interaction between parents and their offspring. These interactions can provide t... Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. University of Tasmania, University of Oxford, and Lund University.
2012. Griekspoor, Petra, Colles, Frances M., McCarthy, Noel D., Hansbro, Philip M., Ashhurst-Smith, Chris, Olsen, Björn, Hasselquist, Dennis, Maiden, Martin C. J., and Waldenström, Jonas. Zoonotic pathogens often infect several animal species, and gene flow among populations infecting different host species may affect the biological ... Molecular Ecology. Linnaeus University, University of Oxford, University of Newcastle Australia, Uppsala University, and Lund University.
2019. Clement, Alice M., King, Benedict, Giles, Sam, Choo, Brian, Ahlberg, Per, Young, Gavin C., Long, John A., Young, Gavin C, Clement, Alice M, Long, John A, and Ahlberg, Per E. The skull of ‘Ligulalepis’ from the Early Devonian of Australia (AM-F101607) has significantly expanded our knowledge of early osteichthyan anatomy... eLife. University of Oxford, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Flinders University, Uppsala University, Australian National University, and Australian Museum.
2018. Gleason, Sean M., Stephens, Andrea E.A., Tozer, Wade C., Blackman, Chris J., Butler, Don W., Chang, Yvonne, Cook, Alicia M., Cooke, Julia, Laws, Claire A., Rosell, Julieta A., Stuart, Stephanie A., Westoby, Mark, and Stephens, Andrea E. A. 1. The rate of elongation and thickening of individual branches (shoots) varies across plant species. This variation is important for the outcome ... Functional Ecology. Macquarie University, Western Sydney University, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, University of Technology Sydney, The Open University, National Autonomous University of Mexico, and University of Oxford.