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2018. Finger, Amanda, Mahardja, Brian, Fisch, Kathleen M., Benjamin, Alyssa, Lindberg, Joan, Ellison, Luke, Ghebremariam, Tewdros, Hung, Tien-Chieh, May, Bernie, Finger, Amanda J, and Fisch, Kathleen M. Genetic adaptation to captivity is a concern for threatened and endangered species held in conservation hatcheries. Here, we present evidence of ge... Journal of Heredity. University of California, Davis.
2016. Krehenwinkel, Henrik, Kennedy, Susan, Pekár, Stano, and Gillespie, Rosemary G. Molecular analysis of predator gut content is a popular tool to uncover food web structure and has greatly profited from the emergence of next-gene... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of California, Berkeley and Masaryk University.
2018. Oren, Emel, Klingeman, William, Gazis, Romina, Moulton, John, Lambdin, Paris, Coggeshall, Mark, Hulcr, Jiri, Seybold, Steven J., and Hadziabdic, Denita. Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) of Juglans and Pterocarya (Juglandaceae) involves a fungal pathogen, Geosmithia morbida, and a primary insect vector... PLOS ONE. University of Tennessee at Knoxville, United States Department of Agriculture, and University of Florida.
2013. Marek, Paul E., Shear, William A., Bond, Jason E., Marek, Paul, Bond, Jason, and Shear, William. With up to 750 legs, the millipede Illacme plenipes Cook and Loomis, 1928 is the leggiest animal known on Earth. It is endemic to the northwestern ... ZooKeys. University of Arizona, Auburn University, and Hampden-Sydney College.