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2015. Nietlisbach, Pirmin, Camenisch, Glauco, Bucher, Thomas, Slate, Jon, Keller, Lukas F., and Postma, Erik. Although linkage maps are important tools in evolutionary biology, their availability for wild populations is limited. The population of song sparr... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Zurich and University of Sheffield.
2015. Mimee, Benjamin, Duceppe, Marc-Olivier, Véronneau, Pierre-Yves, Lafond-Lapalme, Joël, Jean, Martine, Belzile, François, and Bélair, Guy. Cyst nematodes are important agricultural pests responsible for billions of dollars of losses each year. Plant resistance is the most effective man... Molecular Ecology Resources. Université Laval and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Horticulture Research and Development Centre; 430 boul. Gouin St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Québec Canada J3B 3E6*.