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2017. Harris, AJ, Chen, Ping-Ting, Xu, Xin-Wei, Yang, Xue, Wen, Jun, and Zhang, Jian-Qiang. Staphyleaceae traditionally comprises three genera of temperate and tropical trees and shrubs: Euscaphis Siebold & Zucc., Staphylea L., and Tuprini... Journal of Systematics and Evolution. Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Wuhan University, Kunming University, and Shaanxi Normal University.
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2019. Murray, Maureen H., Sanchez, Cecilia A., Becker, Daniel J., Byers, Kaylee A., Worsley-Tonks, Katherine E. L., and Craft, Meggan E. Urban development can alter resource availability, land use, and community composition, in turn influencing wildlife health. Generalizable relation... 1540-9295. Lincoln Park Zoo, University of Georgia, Indiana University Bloomington, University of British Columbia, and University of Minnesota.
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2019. Rooney-Varga, Juliette N., Sterman, John D., Fracassi, Eduardo, Franck, Travis, Kapmeier, Florian, Kurker, Victoria, Johnston, Ellie, Jones, Andrew P., Rath, Kenneth, and Fracassi, E. Climate change communication efforts grounded in the information deficit model have largely failed to close the gap between scientific and public u... PLOS ONE. University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Climate Interactive, Washington, DC, United States of America*, ESB Business School, Reutlingen, Germany*, and Buenos Aires Institute of Technology.