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2015. Fairhurst, Graham D., Berzins, Lisha L., Bradley, David W., Laughlin, Andrew J., Romano, Andrea, Romano, Maria, Scandolara, Chiara, Ambrosini, Roberto, Dawson, Russell D., Dunn, Peter O., Hobson, Keith A., Liechti, Felix, Marchant, Tracy A., Norris, D. Ryan, Rubolini, Diego, Saino, Nicola, Taylor, Caz M., Whittingham, Linda A., Clark, Robert G., Bradley, D. W., Norris, D. R., Romano, M., Saino, N., Scandolara, C., Fairhurst, G. D., Marchant, T. A., Liechti, F., Laughlin, A. J., Berzins, L. L., Dawson, R. D., and Dunn, P. O. Despite benefits of using light-sensitive geolocators to track animal movements and describe patterns of migratory connectivity, concerns have been... Royal Society Open Science. University of Saskatchewan, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Guelph, Tulane University, University of Milan, University of Milano-Bicocca, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Environment Canada, and Swiss Ornithological Institute.
2019. O'Mara, M. Teague, Wikelski, Martin, Kranstauber, Bart, and Dechmann, Dina. Aerial habitats present a challenge to find food across a large potential search volume, particularly for insectivorous bats that rely on echolocat... Royal Society Open Science. Max Planck Institute for Ornithology.
2016. Concepción, Elena D., Götzenberger, Lars, Nobis, Michael P., de Bello, Francesco, Obrist, Martin K., and Moretti, Marco. Human-driven environmental changes can induce marked shifts in the functional structure of biological communities with possible repercussion on imp... Ecography. Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.
2018. Karrenberg, Sophie, Liu, Xiaodong, Hallander, Emelie, Favre, Adrien, Herforth Rahmé, Joelle, and Widmer, Alex. New species arise through the evolution of reproductive barriers between formerly interbreeding lineages. Yet, comprehensive assessments of potenti... Evolution. Uppsala University, Department of Diversity and Evolution of Higher PlantsInstitute of EcologyEvolution and DiversityGoethe‐University 60439 Frankfurt am Main Germany*, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
2019. Vauhkonen, Jari, Berger, Ambros, Gschwantner, Thomas, Schadauer, Klemens, Lejeune, Philippe, Perin, Jérôme, Pitchugin, Mikhail, Adolt, Radim, Zeman, Miroslav, Johannsen, Vivian Kvist, Kepfer-Rojas, Sebastian, Sims, Allan, Bastick, Claire, Morneau, François, Colin, Antoine, Bender, Susann, Kovácsevics, Pál, Solti, György, Kolozs, László, Nagy, Dóra, Nagy, Kinga, Twomey, Mark, Redmond, John, Gasparini, Patrizia, Notarangelo, Monica, Rizzo, Maria, Makovskis, Kristaps, Lazdins, Andis, Lupikis, Ainars, Kulbokas, Gintaras, Antón-Fernández, Clara, Castro Rego, Francisco, Nunes, Leónia, Marin, Gheorghe, Calota, Catalin, Pantić, Damjan, Borota, Dragan, Roessiger, Joerg, Bosela, Michal, Šebeň, Vladimír, Skudnik, Mitja, Adame, Patricia, Alberdi, Iciar, Cañellas, Isabel, Lind, Torgny, Trubins, Renats, Thürig, Esther, Stadelmann, Golo, Ditchburn, Ben, Ross, David, Gilbert, Justin, Halsall, Lesley, Lier, Markus, and Packalen, Tuula. A dataset of forest resource projections in 23 European countries to 2040 has been prepared for forest-related policy analysis and decision-making.... Annals of Forest Science.