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2015. While, Geoffrey M., Williamson, Joseph, Prescott, Graham, Horváthová, Terézia, Fresnillo, Belén, Beeton, Nicholas J., Halliwell, Ben, Michaelides, Sozos, Uller, Tobias, Beeton, N. J., Halliwell, B., While, G. M., Prescott, G., Horvathova, T., Michaelides, S., Uller, T., Williamson, J., and Fresnillo, B. Successful establishment and range expansion of non-native species often require rapid accommodation of novel environments. Here, we use common-gar... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of Oxford, University of Tasmania, University of Cambridge, and University of Alcalá.
2015. Mayer, François, Piel, Frédéric B., Cassel-Lundhagen, Anna, Kirichenko, Natalia, Grumiau, Laurent, Økland, Bjørn, Bertheau, Coralie, Grégoire, Jean-Claude, and Mardulyn, Patrick. While phylogeographic patterns of organisms are often interpreted through past environmental disturbances, mediated by climate changes, and geograp... Molecular Ecology. Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Oxford, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.
2018. Ollivier, Morgane, Tresset, Anne, Frantz, Laurent A.F., Brehard, Stéphanie, Bălășescu, Adrian, Mashkour, Marjan, Boroneant, Adina, Pionnier-Capitan, Maud, Lebrasseur, Ophelie, Arbogast, Rose-Marie, Bartosiewicz, László, Debue, Karyne, Rabinovich, Rivka, Sablin, Mikhail V., Larson, Greger, Hänni, Catherine, Hitte, Christophe, Vigne, Jean-Denis, and Frantz, Laurent A. F. Near Eastern Neolithic farmers introduced several species of domestic plants and animals as they dispersed into Europe. Dogs were the only domestic... Biology Letters. Russian Academy of Sciences, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Stockholm University, Romanian Academy, University of Oxford, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes, and Queen Mary University of London.
2017. Votier, Stephen C., Fayet, Annette L., Bearhop, Stuart, Bodey, Thomas W., Clark, Bethany L., Grecian, James, Guilford, Tim, Hamer, Keith C., Jeglinski, Jana W.E., Morgan, Greg, Wakefield, Ewan, Patrick, Samantha C., and Jeglinski, Jana W. E. Individual foraging specializations, where individuals use a small component of the population niche width, are widespread in nature with important... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of Exeter, University of Oxford, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, and University of Liverpool.
2015. Kissling, Wilm Daniel, Dalby, Lars, Fløjgaard, Camilla, Lenoir, Jonathan, Sandel, Brody, Sandom, Christopher, Trøjelsgaard, Kristian, Svenning, Jens - Christian, and Svenning, Jens-Christian. Ecological trait data are essential for understanding the broad-scale distribution of biodiversity and its response to global change. For animals, ... Ecology and Evolution. University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University, and University of Oxford.
2014. Gagic, Vesna, Bartomeus, Ignasi, Taylor, Astrid, Winqvist, Camilla, Fischer, Christina, Slade, Eleanor M., Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf, Emmerson, Mark, Potts, Simon G., Tscharntke, Teja, Weisser, Wolfgang, Bommarco, Riccardo, Bommarco, R., Gagic, V., Jonsson, T., Taylor, A., Winqvist, C., Slade, E. M., Fischer, C., Bartomeus, I., Potts, S. G., Emmerson, M., Tscharntke, T., and Steffan-Dewenter, I. Drastic biodiversity declines have raised concerns about the deterioration of ecosystem functions and have motivated much recent research on the re... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Technical University Munich, University of Oxford, University of Würzburg, Queen's University Belfast, University of Reading, University of Göttingen, Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications, and Queen's University.
2013. Mueller, Jakob C., Korsten, Peter, Hermannstädter, Christine, Feulner, Thomas, Dingemanse, Niels J., Matthysen, Erik, van Oers, Kees, van Overveld, Thijs, Patrick, Samantha C., Quinn, John L., Riemenschneider, Matthias, Tinbergen, Joost M., Kempenaers, Bart, and Hermannstaedter, Christine. The assessment of genetic architecture and selection history in genes for behavioural traits is fundamental to our understanding of how these trait... Molecular Ecology. Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, University of Groningen, University of Antwerp, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie, and University of Oxford.
2018. Hrcek, Jan, Parker, Benjamin J., McLean, Ailsa H.C., Simon, Jean-Christophe, Mann, Ciara M., and Godfray, H. Charles J. Microbial symbionts commonly protect their hosts from natural enemies, but it is unclear how protective symbionts influence the evolution of host i... Evolution. University of Oxford, Institute of Entomology, University of Rochester, and Agrocampus Ouest.
2015. Lemoine, Mélissa, Lucek, Kay, Perrier, Charles, Saladin, Verena, Adriaensen, Frank, Barba, Emilio, Belda, Eduardo J., Charmantier, Anne, Cichon, Mariusz, Tapio, Eeva, Gregoire, Arnaud, Hinde, Camilla A., Johnsen, Arild, Komdeur, Jan, Mand, Raivo, Matthysen, Erik, Norte, Ana Claudia, Pitala, Natalia, Sheldon, Ben C., Slagsvold, Tore, Tinbergen, Joost M., Torok, Janos, Ubels, Richard, van Oers, Kees, Visser, Marcel E., Doligez, Blandine, Richner, Heinz, and Eeva, Tapio. Gene flow is usually thought to reduce genetic divergence and impede local adaptation by homogenising gene pools between populations. However, evid... Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. University of Zurich, University of Sheffield, University of Bern, Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, University of Antwerp, University of Valencia, Jagiellonian University, Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie, Wageningen University & Research, University of Oslo, University of Groningen, University of Tartu, University of Coimbra, University of Jyväskylä, University of Oxford, Eötvös Loránd University, Uppsala University, and University of Turku.
2012. Griekspoor, Petra, Colles, Frances M., McCarthy, Noel D., Hansbro, Philip M., Ashhurst-Smith, Chris, Olsen, Björn, Hasselquist, Dennis, Maiden, Martin C. J., and Waldenström, Jonas. Zoonotic pathogens often infect several animal species, and gene flow among populations infecting different host species may affect the biological ... Molecular Ecology. Linnaeus University, University of Oxford, University of Newcastle Australia, Uppsala University, and Lund University.