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2019. Briedis, Martins, Bauer, Silke, Adamik, Peter, Alves, José A., Costa, Joana S., Emmenegger, Tamara, Gustafsson, Lars, Koleček, Jaroslav, Liechti, Felix, Meier, Christoph M., Prochazka, Petr, and Hahn, Steffen. In many taxa, the most common form of sex-biased migration timing is protandry – the earlier arrival of males at breeding areas. Here we test this ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Swiss Ornithological Institute, Palacký University, Olomouc, University of Aveiro, Uppsala University, and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
2015. Cornille, Amandine, Feurtey, Alice, Gélin, Uriel, Ropars, Jeanne, Misvanderbrugge, Kristine, Gladieux, Pierre, and Giraud, Tatiana. Gene flow is an essential component of population adaptation and species evolution. Understanding of the natural and anthropogenic factors affectin... Evolutionary Applications. Uppsala University, University of Paris-Sud, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Université de Sherbrooke, and Forestry and Game Management Research Institute.
2014. Niedźwiedzki, Grzegorz, Brusatte, Stephen L., Sulej, Tomasz, and Butler, Richard J. The rise of dinosaurs during the Triassic is a widely studied evolutionary radiation, but there are still many unanswered questions about early din... Palaeontology. Uppsala University, University of Edinburgh, Institute of Paleobiology, and University of Birmingham.
2017. Saunders, Manu E., Duffy, Meghan A., Heard, Stephen B., Kosmala, Margaret, Leather, Simon R., McGlynn, Terrence P., Ollerton, Jeff, and Parachnowitsch, Amy L. The popularity of science blogging has increased in recent years, but the number of academic scientists who maintain regular blogs is limited. The ... Royal Society Open Science. University of New England, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of New Brunswick, Harvard University, Harper Adams University, California State University, Dominguez Hills, University of Northampton, and Uppsala University.
2012. Chen, Jun, Källman, Thomas, Ma, Xiaofei, Gyllenstrand, Niclas, Zaina, Giusi, Morgante, Michele, Bousquet, Jean, Eckert, Andrew, Wegrzyn, Jill, Neale, David B., Lagercrantz, Ulf, Lascoux, Martin, and Neale, David. Understanding the genetic basis of local adaptation is challenging due to the subtle balance among conflicting evolutionary forces that are involve... Genetics. Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Université Laval, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of California, Davis.
2019. Shefferson, Richard P., Kull, Tiiu, Hutchings, Michael J., Selosse, Marc-André, Jacquemyn, Hans, Kellett, Kimberly M., Menges, Eric S., Primack, Richard B., Tuomi, Juha, Alahuhta, Kirsi, Hurskainen, Sonja, Alexander, Helen M., Anderson, Derek S., Brys, Rein, Brzosko, Emilia, Dostálik, Slavomir, Gregg, Katharine, Ipser, Zdeněk, Jäkäläniemi, Anne, Jersáková, Jana, Kettle, W. Dean, McCormick, Melissa K., Mendoza, Ana, Miller, Michael T., Moen, Asbjørn, Øien, Dag-Inge, Püttsepp, Ülle, Roy, Mélanie, Sather, Nancy, Sletvold, Nina, Štípková, Zuzana, Tali, Kadri, Warren II, Robert J., Whigham, Dennis F., and Dean Kettle, W. Vegetative dormancy, that is the temporary absence of aboveground growth for ≥ 1 year, is paradoxical, because plants cannot photosynthesise or flo... Ecology Letters. University of Tokyo, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Sorbonne University, University of Oulu, University of Georgia, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Boston University, University of Turku, University of Kansas, Department of Natural Resources, Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Bialystok University of Technology, Daskabát Olomouc Czech Republic*, West Virginia Wesleyan College, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Uppsala University, National Taiwan Normal University, Paul Sabatier University, and State University of New York.
2018. Karrenberg, Sophie, Liu, Xiaodong, Hallander, Emelie, Favre, Adrien, Herforth Rahmé, Joelle, and Widmer, Alex. New species arise through the evolution of reproductive barriers between formerly interbreeding lineages. Yet, comprehensive assessments of potenti... Evolution. Uppsala University, Department of Diversity and Evolution of Higher PlantsInstitute of EcologyEvolution and DiversityGoethe‐University 60439 Frankfurt am Main Germany*, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.