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2017. Razgour, Orly, Taggart, John B., Manel, Stéphanie, Juste, Javier, Ibáñez, Carlos, Rebelo, Hugo, Alberdi, Antton, Jones, Gareth, and Park, Kirsty. Climate change is a major threat to global biodiversity that will produce a range of new selection pressures. Understanding species responses to cl... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Bristol, University of Stirling, University of Southampton, Wageningen University & Research, and University of Copenhagen.
2018. Upadhyay, Maulik, da Silva, Vinicius H., Megens, Hendrik-Jan, Visker, Marleen H. P. W., Ajmone-Marsan, Paolo, Bâlteanu, Valentin A., Dunner, Susana, Garcia, Jose Fernando, Ginja, Catarina, Kantanen, Juha, Groenen, Martien A.M., Crooijmans, Richard P.M.A., da Silva, Vinicus H., Garcia, Jose F., Groenen, Martien A. M., and Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A. Copy number variation (CNV), which is characterized by large-scale losses or gains of DNA fragments, contributes significantly to genetic and pheno... Frontiers in Genetics. Wageningen University & Research, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Porto, University of Eastern Finland, and Sao Paulo State University.
2013. Limpens, Juul, van Egmond, Emily, Li, Bingxi, and Holmgren, Milena. Moss-dominated peat bogs store approximately 30% of global soil carbon. A climate induced shift from current moss-dominated conditions to tree-domi... Functional Ecology. Wageningen University & Research.
2019. Andrew, Carrie, Heegaard, Einar, Høiland, Klaus, Senn-Irlet, Beatrice, Kuyper, Thomas W., Krisai-Greilhuber, Irmgard, Kirk, Paul M., Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob, Gange, Alan C., Egli, Simon, Bässler, Claus, Büntgen, Ulf, Boddy, Lynne, and Kauserud, Håvard. Here we assess the impact of geographically dependent (latitude, longitude and altitude) changes in bioclimatic (temperature, precipitation and pri... Ecology. University of Oslo, University of Cambridge, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Wageningen University & Research, University of Vienna, University of Copenhagen, University of London, Technical University Munich, Bavarian Forest National Park, Masaryk University, and Cardiff University.
2018. Yang, Bin, Cui, Leilei, Perez-Enciso, Miguel, Traspov, Aleksei, Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A., Zinovieva, Natalia, Schook, Lawrence B., Archibald, Alan, Gatphayak, Kesinee, Knorr, Christophe, Triantafyllidis, Alex, Alexandri, Panoraia, Semiadi, Gono, Hanotte, Olivier, Dias, Deodália, Dovč, Peter, Uimari, Pekka, Iacolina, Laura, Scandura, Massimo, Groenen, Martien A. M., Huang, Lusheng, and Megens, Hendrik-Jan. Background: Pigs were domesticated independently in Eastern and Western Eurasia early during the agricultural revolution, and have since been trans... Genetics Selection Evolution. National Key Laboratory for Pig Genetic Improvement and Production Technology, Nanchang, China*, Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Federal Scientific Center for Animal Husbandry named after Academician L.K. Ernst, Wageningen University & Research, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Roslin Institute, Chiang Mai University, University of Göttingen, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, University of Nottingham, University of Lisbon, University of Ljubljana, University of Helsinki, Aalborg University, and University of Sassari.
2015. Iacolina, Laura, Scandura, Massimo, Goedbloed, Daniel J., Alexandri, Panoraia, Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A., Larson, Greger, Archibald, Alan, Apollonio, Marco, Schook, Lawrence B., Groenen, Martien A., and Megens, Hendrik-Jan. The evolution of island populations in natural systems is driven by local adaptation and genetic drift. However, evolutionary pathways may be alter... Heredity. University of Sassari, Braunschweig, Zoological Institute, Braunschweig, Germany*, Wageningen University & Research, Durham University, Roslin Institute, and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
2017. Ferreira de Carvalho, Julie, Oplaat, Carla, Pappas, Nikolaos, Derks, Martijn, de Ridder, Dick, and Verhoeven, Koen J. F. Background: Asexual reproduction has the potential to enhance deleterious mutation accumulation and to constrain adaptive evolution. One source of ... BMC Genomics. Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie and Wageningen University & Research.
2015. Geijzendorffer, Ilse R., Targetti, Stefano, Schneider, Manuel K., Brus, Dick J., Jeanneret, Philippe, Jongman, Robert H. G., Knotters, Martin, Viaggi, Davide, Angelova, Siyka, Arndorfer, Michaela, Bailey, Debra, Balzacs, Katalin, Báldim, András, Bogers, Marion M. B., Bunce, Robert G.H., Choisis, Jean-Philippe, Dennis, Peter, Eiter, Sebastian, Fjellstad, Wendy, Friedel, Jürgen F., Gomiero, Tiziano, Griffioen, Arjan, Kainz, Max, Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó, Lüscher, Gisela, Moreno, Gerardo, Nascimbene, Juri, Paoletti, Maurizio G., Pointereau, Philippe, Sarthou, Jean-Pierre, Siebrecht, Norman, Staritsky, Igor, Stoyanova, Siyka, Wolfrum, Sebastian, Herzog, Felix, and Báldi, András. To evaluate progress on political biodiversity objectives, biodiversity monitoring provides information on whether intended results are being achie... Journal of Applied Ecology. Wageningen University & Research, Aix-Marseille University, University of Bologna, Agroscope, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Technical University Munich, University of Toulouse, Estonian University of Life Sciences, French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Aberystwyth University, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, University of Padua, University of Barcelona, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, and University of Extremadura.
2015. Salonen, Anne, Lahti, Leo, Salojärvi, Jarkko, Holtrop, Grietje, Korpela, Katri, Duncan, Sylvia H., Date, Priya, Farquharson, Freda, Johnstone, Alexandra M., Lobley, Gerald E., Louis, Petra, Flint, Harry J., and de Vos, Willem M. There is growing interest in understanding how diet affects the intestinal microbiota, including its possible associations with systemic diseases s... The ISME Journal. University of Helsinki, Wageningen University & Research, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, and University of Aberdeen.