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2015. Nougué, Odrade, Rode, Nicolas O., Zahab, Roula, Ségard, Adeline, Chevin, Luis-Miguel, Haag, Christoph R., Lenormand, Thomas, and Jabbour-zahab, R. Parthenogenesis (reproduction through unfertilized eggs) encompasses a variety of reproduction modes with (automixis) or without (apomixis) meiosis... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. French National Centre for Scientific Research and French National Institute for Agricultural Research.
2013. Santana, Sharlene E., Lofgren, Sarah E., Santana, S. E., and Lofgren, S. E. In vertebrates, changes in cranial modularity can evolve rapidly in response to selection. However, mammals have apparently maintained their patter... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Edinburgh, and University of Washington.
2016. Supriya, K., Rowe, Melissah, Laskemoen, Terje, Mohan, Dhananjai, Price, Trevor, Lifjeld, Jan, Rowe, M., Laskemoen, T., Lifjeld, J. T., Price, T. D., and Mohan, D. Sperm morphological traits are highly variable among species and are commonly thought to evolve by post-copulatory sexual selection. However, littl... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Chicago, University of Oslo, and Wildlife Institute of India.
2017. Jiang, Yiting and Møller, Anders Pape. Predation is a common cause of death in numerous organisms, and a host of anti-predator defenses have evolved. Such defenses often have a genetic b... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Paris-Sud.
2015. Roitberg, Evgeny S., Eplanova, Galina V., Kotenko, Tatiana I., Amat, Fèlix, Carretero, Miguel A., Kuranova, Valentina N., Bulakhova, Nina A., Zinenko, Oleksandr I., Yakovlev, Vladimir A., Kuranova, V. N., Bulakhova, N. A., Carretero, M. A., and Roitberg, E. S. The fecundity-advantage-hypothesis (FAH) explains larger female size relative to male size as a correlated response to fecundity selection. We expl... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Koblenz and Landau, Russian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Museu de Granollers - Ciències Naturals; Granollers Catalonia Spain*, University of Porto, Tomsk State University, Museum of Nature; Kharkiv National Karazin University; Kharkiv Ukraine*, and Altai Natural State Reserve; Gorno-Altaisk Russia*.
2014. Neubauer, Grzegorz, Nowicki, Piotr, Zagalska-Neubauer, Magdalena, Nowicki, P., Zagalska-Neubauer, M., and Neubauer, G. Haldane’s rule predicts that particularly high fitness reduction should affect the heterogametic sex of interspecific hybrids. Despite the fact tha... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Polish Academy of Sciences, Jagiellonian University, and Museum and Institute of Zoology.