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2015. Almeida, Pedro, Barbosa, Raquel, Zalar, Polona, Imanishi, Yumi, Shimizu, Kiminori, Turchetti, Benedetta, Legras, Jean-Luc, Serra, Marta, Dequin, Sylvie, Couloux, Arnaud, Guy, Julie, Bensasson, Douda, Gonçalves, Paula, and Sampaio, José Paulo. The domestication of the wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is thought to be contemporary with the development and expansion of viticulture along ... Molecular Ecology. Universidade Nova de Lisboa, University of Ljubljana, Kanto Gakuin University, Chiba University, University of Manchester, and Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique.
2016. Christe, Camille, Stölting, Kai N., Paris, Margot, Fraїsse, Christelle, Bierne, Nicolas, and Lexer, Christian. Speciation often involves repeated episodes of genetic contact between divergent populations before reproductive isolation (RI) is complete. Whole-... Molecular Ecology. University of Fribourg, University of Montpellier, and University of Vienna.
2017. Aizpurua, Ostaizka, Budinski, Ivana, Georgiakakis, Panagiotis, Gopalakrishnan, Shyam, Ibáñez, Carlos, Mata, Vanessa, Rebelo, Hugo, Russo, Danilo, Szodoray-Parádi, Farkas, Zhelyazkova, Violeta, Zrncic, Vida, Gilbert, M. Thomas P., and Alberdi, Antton. The interaction between agricultural production and wildlife can shape, and even condition, the functioning of both systems. In this study we i) ex... Molecular Ecology. University of Copenhagen, University of Belgrade, University of Crete, Spanish National Research Council, University of Porto, National Museum of Natural History, Geonatura d.o.o.; Zagreb Croatia*, and National Taiwan Normal University.
2017. Engl, Tobias, Eberl, Nadia, Gorse, Carla, Krüger, Theresa, Schmidt, Thorsten H.P., Plarre, Rudy, Adler, Cornel, and Kaltenpoth, Martin. Microbial symbionts of insects provide a range of ecological traits to their hosts that are beneficial in the context of biotic interactions. Howev... Molecular Ecology. Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Federal Institute For Materials Research and Testing.
2010. Cabria, Maria Teresa, Michaux, Johan R, Gómez-Moliner, Benjamín J, Skumatov, Dimitry, Maran, Tiit, Fournier, Pascal, López de Luzuriaga, Javier, and Zardoya, Rafael. Human-mediated global change will probably increase the rates of natural hybridization and genetic introgression between closely related species, a... Molecular Ecology. University of Liège, University of the Basque Country, Russian Research Institute of Game Management and Fur Farming, Engels Street, 79, Kirov, Russia*, Species Conservation Lab, Tallinn Zoological Gardens, Paldiski Road 145, Tallinn 13522, Estonia*, Groupe de Recherche et d’Etudes pour la Gestion de l’Environnement (GREGE), Route de Préchac, 33730 Villandraut, France*, Avenida de Gasteiz, no. 91‐70B, 01009 Vitoria‐Gasteiz, Spain*, and Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales.