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2019. Gamelon, Marlène, Vriend, Stefan J.G., Engen, Steinar, Adriaensen, Frank, Dhondt, Andre A., Evans, Simon R., Matthysen, Erik, Sheldon, Ben C., and Sæther, Bernt-Erik. Understanding species coexistence has long been a major goal of ecology. Coexistence theory for two competing species posits that intraspecific den... Ecology Letters. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Antwerp, Cornell University, and University of Oxford.
2019. Brennan, Adrian C., Hiscock, Simon J., Abbott, Richard J., Brennan, Adrian C, Hiscock, Simon J, and Abbott, Richard J. A new homoploid hybrid lineage needs to establish a degree of reproductive isolation from its parent species if it is to persist as an independent ... AoB PLANTS. Durham University, University of Oxford, and University of St Andrews.
2018. Senn, Helen V., Ghazali, Muhammad, Kaden, Jennifer, Barcaly, David, Harrower, Ben, Campbell, Ruairidh D., MacDonald, David W., Kitchener, Andrew C., and Barclay, David. The degree of introgressive hybridisation between the Scottish wildcat and domestic cat has long been suspected to be advanced. Here we use a 35-SN... Evolutionary Applications. Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, University of Oxford, National Museums Scotland, National Museum, and University of Edinburgh.
2013. Garroway, Colin, Radersma, Reinder J., Sepil, Irem, Santure, Anna W., De Cauwer, Isabelle, Slate, Jon, Sheldon, Ben C., Garroway, Colin J., and Radersma, Reinder. Individuals are typically not randomly distributed in space; consequently ecological and evolutionary theory depends heavily on understanding the s... Evolution. University of Oxford and University of Sheffield.