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2021. Zhao, Yuhao, Sanders, Nathan, Liu, Juan, Jin, Tinghao, Zhou, Haonan, Lu, Ruisen, Ding, Ping, and Si, Xingfeng. Habitat loss and fragmentation reduce biodiversity and alter species composition in local communities. β diversity describes the variation in speci... Ecography. East China Normal University, University of Michigan*, Zhejiang University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2021. Ke, Yuzheng, Wu, Rui, Zelenitsky, Darla, Brinkman, Don, Hu, Jinfeng, Zhang, Shukang, Jiang, Haishui, and Han, Fenglu. Turtle eggs containing embryos are exceedingly rare in the fossil record. Here, we provide the first description and taxonomic identification, to o... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. China University of Geosciences, University of Calgary, Royal Tyrrell Museum, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2020. Xu, Meng, Mu, Xidong, Zhang, Shuang, Dick, Jaimie, Zhu, Bingtao, Gu, Dangen, Yang, Yexin, Luo, Du, and Hu, Yinchang. Aim: The enemy release hypothesis (ERH) posits that exotic species suffer lower enemy damage than natives, and thus promotes their successful invas... Global Ecology and Biogeography. Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Queen's University Belfast.
2020. Yu, Yan-Qin, Li, Yulan, Li, Lixuan, Wu, Jintao, Zhu, Zhenggang, Feng, Xiang, Qin, Liming, Zhu, Yuwei, Qiu, Zilong, and Duan, Shumin. Astrocytes respond to and regulate neuronal activity, yet their role in mammalian behavior remains incompletely understood. Especially unclear is w... eLife. Zhejiang University, Communication University of Zhejiang, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2020. Liu, Rong, Yang, Xuejun, Gao, Ruiru, Hou, Xinyu, Huo, Liping, Huang, Zhenying, and Cornelissen, Hans. 1. Biomass allocation patterns reflect the adaptive strategies of plants growing in different environments, which is a central issue in comparative... Journal of Ecology. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shaanxi Normal University, and VU University Amsterdam.
2021. Fan, Ping, Fjeldså, Jon, Liu, Xuan, Dong, Yafei, Chang, Yongbin, Qu, Yanhua, Song, Gang, and Lei, Fumin. 1. Genetic diversity is an essential component of biodiversity. Developing robust quantification methods is critically important in depicting the g... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Copenhagen, and Shaanxi Normal University.
2021. Ren, Junlin, Chen, Jianshe, Xu, Changlin, van de Koppel, Johan, Thomsen, Mads, Qiu, Shi-Yun, Cheng, Fangyan, Song, Wanjuan, Liu, Quan-Xing, Xu, Chi, Bai, Junhong, Zhang, Yihui, Cui, Baoshan, Bertness, Mark, Silliman, Brian, Li, Bo, and He, Qiang. The world has increasingly relied upon protected areas (PAs) to rescue highly valued ecosystems from human activities, but whether PAs will fare we... Science Advances. Fudan University, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, University of Canterbury, Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China Normal University, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, Xiamen University, Brown University, and Duke University.