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2020. Hayward, Jessica, Kelly-Smith, Maria, Boyko, Adam, Burmeister, Louise, De Risio, Luisa, Mellersh, Cathryn, Freeman, Julia, and Strain, George. Congenital deafness in the domestic dog is usually related to the presence of white pigmentation, which is controlled primarily by the piebald locu... PLOS ONE. Cornell University, Louisiana State University, and Animal Health Trust.
2021. Adhikari, Laxman, Poland, Jesse, Shrestha, Sandesh, Wu, Shuanyge, Crain, Jared, Gao, Lianglian, Evers, Byron, Wilson, Duane, Ju, Yoonha, Koo, Dal-Hoe, Hulc, Pierre, Pozniak, Curtis, Walkowiak, Sean, Wang, Xiaoyun, Wu, Jing, Glaubitz, Jeffrey, DeHaan, Lee, and Friebe, Bernd. An optimized, high-throughput and cost-effective genotyping method applicable to various crop breeding populations is very important in this genomi... Scientific Reports. Kansas State University, University of Saskatchewan, Cornell University, and The Land Institute.
2020. Lopez-Sepulcre, Andres, Bruneaux, Matthieu, Collins, Sarah Michelle, El-Sabaawi, Rana, Flecker, Alexander S, and Thomas, Steven A. Understanding how nutrients flow through food webs is central in ecosystem ecology. Tracer addition experiments are powerful tools to reconstruct n... The American Naturalist. Washington University in St. Louis, University of Jyväskylä, University of Wyoming, University of Victoria, Cornell University, and University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
2021. Gronowitz, Mitchell, Liu, Adam, Qiu, Qiang, Yu, Ron, and Cleland, Thomas. We present a general physicochemical sampling model for olfaction, based on established pharmacological laws, in which arbitrary combinations of od... PLOS Computational Biology. Cornell University and Stowers Institute for Medical Research.
2020. Cohen, Emily, Buler, Jeffrey, Horton, Kyle, Farnsworth, Andrew, Marra, Peter, Clipp, Hannah, Smolinsky, Jaclyn, and Sheldon, Daniel. Migrating birds require en route habitats to rest and refuel. Yet habitat use has never been integrated with passage to understand factors that det... Ecology Letters. University of Maryland Center For Environmental Sciences, University of Delaware, Colorado State University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, and University of Massachusetts Amherst.
2019. Campagna, Leonardo, Kopuchian, Cecilia, Lijtmaer, Darío A., Cabanne, Gustavo S., García, Natalia C., Lavinia, Pablo D., Tubaro, Pablo L., Lovette, Irby, and Di Giacomo, Adrián S. The riverine barrier hypothesis proposes that large rivers represent geographic barriers to gene flow for terrestrial organisms, leading to populat... Molecular Ecology. Cornell University, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, and National University of the Littoral.
2021. Larson, Erin, Poff, N. Leroy, Funk, W. Chris, Harrington, Rachel, Kondratieff, Boris, Morton, Scott, and Flecker, Alexander. Frameworks exclusively considering functional diversity are gaining popularity, as they complement and extend the information provided by taxonomic... Ecology. Alaska Pacific University, Colorado State University, Environmental Protection Agency, and Cornell University.