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2017. Picq, Sandrine, Keena, Melody, Havill, Nathan, Stewart, Don, Pouliot, Esther, Boyle, Brian, Levesque, Roger C., Hamelin, Richard C., and Cusson, Michel. Forest invasive alien species are a major threat to ecosystem stability and can have enormous economic and social impacts. For this reason, prevent... Evolutionary Applications. Université Laval, Canadian Forest Service, and University of British Columbia.
2011. Russello, Michael A, Kirk, Stephanie L, Frazer, Karen K, and Askey, Paul J. Genetics-based approaches have informed fisheries management for decades, yet remain challenging to implement within systems involving recently div... Evolutionary Applications. University of British Columbia and Ministry of Environment.
2015. Dempewolf, Hannes, Tesfaye, Misteru, Teshome, Abel, Bjorkman, Anne, Andrew, Rose L., Scascitelli, Moira, Black, Scott, Bekele, Endashaw, Engels, Johannes M. M., Cronk, Quentin C. B., Rieseberg, Loren H., and Bjorkman, Anne D. Noug (Guizotia abyssinica) is a semi-domesticated oil-seed crop, which is primarily cultivated in Ethiopia. Unlike its closest crop relative, sunfl... Evolutionary Applications. University of British Columbia, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Addis Ababa University, and Indiana University Bloomington.
2018. Chen, Zhongqi, Farrell, Anthony P., Matala, Amanda, Hoffman, Nicholas, and Narum, Shawn R. Temperature is a master environmental factor that limits the geographical distribution of species, especially in ectotherms. To address challenges ... Evolutionary Applications. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, University of Idaho, and University of British Columbia.
2018. Geraldes, Armando, Askelson, Kenneth K., Nikelski, Ellen, Doyle, Frank I., Harrower, William L., Winker, Kevin, and Irwin, Darren E. Accurate knowledge of geographic ranges and genetic relationships among populations is important when managing a species or population of conservat... Evolutionary Applications. University of British Columbia, Wildlife Dynamics Consulting Terrace British Columbia Canada*, and University of Victoria.
2018. Jensen, Evelyn L., Edwards, Danielle L., Garrick, Ryan C., Miller, Joshua M., Gibbs, James P., Cayot, Linda J., Tapia, Washington, Caccone, Aldalgisa, Russello, Michael A., and Caccone, Adalgisa. Population genetic theory related to the consequences of rapid population decline is well-developed, but there are very few empirical studies where... Evolutionary Applications. University of British Columbia, University of Mississippi, Yale University, Queens College, CUNY, State University of New York, Galapagos Conservancy; Fairfax Virginia*, and National Park Service.