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2016. Hanson, Dieta, Moore, Jean-Sébastien, Taylor, Eric B., Barrett, Rowan D.H., Hendry, Andrew P., Moore, J.-S., Hanson, D., Barrett, R. D. H., Hendry, A. P., and Taylor, E. B. Ecological speciation occurs when populations evolve reproductive isolation as a result of divergent natural selection. This isolation can be influ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. McGill University, Université Laval, and University of British Columbia.
2013. Zhan, Shing H., Glick, Lior, Tsigenopoulos, Costas S., Otto, Sally P., Mayrose, Itay, Glick, L., Mayrose, I., Otto, S. P., and Zhan, S. H. While the proliferation of the species-rich teleost fish has been ascribed to an ancient genome duplication event at the base of this group, the br... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of British Columbia, Tel Aviv University, and Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.
2010. Gerstein, Aleeza C, Cleathero, Lesley A, Mandegar, Mohammad A, and Otto, Sarah P. Despite a great deal of theoretical attention, we have limited empirical data about how ploidy influences the rate of adaptation. We evolved isogen... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of British Columbia.