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2021. Bernhardt, Joey R. and O'Connor, Mary I. Humanity depends on biodiversity for health, well-being and a stable environment. As biodiversity change accelerates, we are still discovering the ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. University of British Columbia.
2018. Földváry Ličina, Veronika, Cheung, Toby, Zhang, Hui, de Dear, Richard, Parkinson, Thomas, Arens, Edward, Chun, Chungyoon, Schiavon, Stefano, Luo, Maohui, Brager, Gail, Li, Peixian, and Kaam, Soazig. Recognizing the value of open-source research databases in advancing the art and science of HVAC, in 2014 the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Databas... University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore, University of Sydney, Yonsei University, and University of British Columbia.
2021. Vargas G., German, Brodribb, Tim J., Dupuy, Juan M., González‐M., Roy, Hulshof, Catherine M., Medvigy, David, Allerton, Tristan A. P., Pizano, Camila, Salgado‐Negret, Beatriz, Schwartz, Naomi B., Van Bloem, Skip J., Waring, Bonnie G., and Powers, Jennifer S.   Leaf habit has been hypothesized to define a linkage between the slow-fast plant economic spectrum and the drought resistance-avoidance trade-... New Phytologist. University of Minnesota, University of Tasmania, Autonomous University of Yucatán, Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Notre Dame, Institute of Forest Ecology, Icesi University, University of La Salle, University of British Columbia, Utah Department of Health, and Department of Plant Biology.
2021. Tseng, Michelle, Di Filippo, Carla, Fung, Madeline, Kim, Jihyun, Forster, Ian, and Zhou, Yilin. 1. Much of our research on the effects of ongoing climate warming on ecological communities is focused on how temperature affects resource quantity... Functional Ecology. University of British Columbia and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
2020. Lin, Po-An, Liu, Chia-Ming, Ou, Jia-Ang, Sun, Cheng-Han, Chuang, Wen-Po, Ho, Chuan-Kai, Kinoshita, Natsuko, and Felton, Gary. Plants growing under reduced water availability can affect insect herbivores differently, in some instances benefitting them. However, the forces m... Oecologia. Pennsylvania State University, University of Tsukuba, University of British Columbia, and National Taiwan University.
2020. Beck, Jackson, Cale, Jon, Rodriguez-Ramos, Jean, Kanekar, Sanat, Karst, Justine, Cahill, James, Simard, Suzanne, and Erbilgin, Nadir. Summary 1. Disturbances are frequent events across the Canadian boreal forest and can affect both below and above ground ecosystem processes. How d... Journal of Applied Ecology. University of Alberta and University of British Columbia.
2021. Cheung, William, Maire, Eva, Oyinlola, Muhammed, Robinson, James, Graham, Nicholas, MacNeil, Aaron, and Hicks, Christina. Seafood is an important source of bioavailable micronutrients supporting human health, yet it is unclear how climate change will influence its avai... Science. University of British Columbia, Lancaster University, and Dalhousie University.