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2020. Cooney, Elizabeth, Okamoto, Noriko, Cho, Anna, Hehenberger, Elisabeth, Richards, Thomas, Worden, Alexandra, Santoro, Alyson, Leander, Brian, and Keeling, Patrick. Dinoflagellates possess many unique cellular characteristics with unresolved evolutionary histories including nuclei with greatly expanded genomes ... Genome Biology and Evolution. University of British Columbia, University of Oxford, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, and University of California, Santa Barbara.
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2020. Linck, Ethan, Freeman, Benjamin, and Dumbacher, John. Closely related species with parapatric elevational ranges are ubiquitous in tropical mountains worldwide. The gradient speciation hypothesis propo... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Washington, University of British Columbia, and California Academy of Sciences.
2019. Blackford, Christopher, Germain, Rachel, and Gilbert, Benjamin. Ecological theory produces opposing predictions about whether differences in the timing of life history transitions, or ‘phenology’, promote or lim... The American Naturalist. University of Toronto and University of British Columbia.