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2020. Alcinesio, Alessandro, Krishna Kumar, Ravinash, Monico, Carina, Cazimoglu, Idil, Bayley, Hagan, Meacock, Oliver J., Allan, Rebecca G., Cornall, Matthew T., and Restrepo Schild, Vanessa. 3D-printing networks of droplets connected by interface bilayers is a powerful platform to build synthetic tissues, in which functionality relies o... Nature Communications. University of Oxford, University of Sheffield, and University of Toronto Mississauga*.
2018. Kim, Jun-Mo, Santure, Anna W., Barton, Henry J., Quinn, John L., Cole, Eleanor F., Visser, Marcel E., Sheldon, Ben C., Groenen, Martien A.M., van Oers, Kees, Slate, Jon, Santure, A. W., Kim, J.-M., Barton, H. J., Slate, J., Visser, M. E., van Oers, K., Quinn, J. L., Cole, E. F., and Sheldon, B. C. High density SNP microarrays (‘SNP chips’) are a rapid, accurate and efficient method for genotyping several hundred thousand polymorphisms in larg... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Sheffield, University College Cork, University of Oxford, Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie, Wageningen University & Research, University of Auckland, and Chung-Ang University.
2014. Merow, Cory, Dalgren, Johan P., Metcalf, C. J. E., Childs, Dylan Z., Evans, M. E. K., Jongejans, E., Record, Sydne, Rees, Mark, Salguero-Gómez, Roberto, McMahon, Sean, Evans, Margaret E.K., Dahlgren, Johan P., Metcalf, C. Jessica E., McMahon, Sean M., and Jongejans, Eelke. Integral Projection Models (IPMs) use information on how an individual's state influences its vital rates - survival, growth and reproduction - to ... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of Connecticut, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Stockholm University, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, University of Sheffield, University of Arizona, Radboud University Nijmegen, Harvard University, University of Queensland, University of Southern Denmark, Princeton University, and University of Oxford.
2020. Leedale, Amy, Simeoni, Michelle, Sharp, Stuart, Green, Jonathan, Slate, Jon, Lachlan, Robert, Hatchwell, Ben, and Robinson, Elva. Inbreeding is often avoided in natural populations by passive processes such as sex-biased dispersal. But, in many social animals, opposite-sexed a... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. University of Cambridge, University of Sheffield, Lancaster University, University of Oxford, Royal Holloway University of London, and University of York.
2013. Garroway, Colin, Radersma, Reinder J., Sepil, Irem, Santure, Anna W., De Cauwer, Isabelle, Slate, Jon, Sheldon, Ben C., Garroway, Colin J., and Radersma, Reinder. Individuals are typically not randomly distributed in space; consequently ecological and evolutionary theory depends heavily on understanding the s... Evolution. University of Oxford and University of Sheffield.
2013. Sheppard, Samuel K., Didelot, Xavier, Meric, Guillaume, Torralbo, Alicia, Jolley, Keith A., Kelly, David J., Bentley, Stephen D., Maiden, Martin C. J., Parkhill, Julian, and Falush, Daniel. Genome-wide association studies have the potential to identify causal genetic factors underlying important phenotypes but have rarely been performe... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Swansea University, University of Córdoba, University of Sheffield, Wellcome Trust, and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.