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2021. Reichert, Michael, Morand-Ferron, Julie, Kulahci, Ipek, Firth, Josh, Davidson, Gabrielle, Crofts, Sam, and Quinn, John. 1. The producer-scrounger game is a key element of foraging ecology in many systems. Producing and scrounging typically covary negatively, but part... Journal of Animal Ecology. Oklahoma State University, University of Ottawa, University College Cork, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge.
2014. Maunsell, Sarah C., Kitching, Roger L., Burwell, Chris J., and Morris, Rebecca J. Gradients in elevation are increasingly used to investigate how species respond to changes in local climatic conditions. While many studies have sh... Journal of Animal Ecology. Griffith University, Queensland Museum, and University of Oxford.
2017. Clark, Nicholas J., Wells, Konstans, Dimitrov, Dimitar, and Clegg, Sonya M. Experimental work increasingly suggests that non-random pathogen associations can affect the spread or severity of disease. Yet due to difficulties... Journal of Animal Ecology. Griffith University, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and University of Oxford.
2018. Potter, Tomos, King, Leighton, Travis, Joseph, and Bassar, Ronald D. 1. The outcome of competition between individuals often depends on body-size. These competitive asymmetries can drive variation in demographic rate... Journal of Animal Ecology. University of Oxford and Florida State University.
2018. McLean, Ailsa H. C., Parker, Benjamin James, Hrček, Jan, Kavanagh, James, Wellham, Peter A. D., Godfray, H. Charles J., Parker, Benjamin J., and Kavanagh, James C. 1. Most animals host communities of symbiotic bacteria. In insects, these symbionts may have particularly intimate interactions with their hosts: m... Journal of Animal Ecology. University of Oxford.
2015. Cubaynes, Sarah, Mac Nulty, Daniel R., Stahler, Daniel R., Quimby, Kira A., Smith, Douglas W., Coulson, Tim, and MacNulty, Daniel R. 1. Understanding the population dynamics of top predators is essential to assess their impact on ecosystems and to guide their management. Key to t... Journal of Animal Ecology. University of Oxford, National Park Service, and Utah State University.