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2020. Davesne, Donald, Schmitt, Armin, Fernandez, Vincent, Benson, Roger, and Sanchez, Sophie. Osteocytes, cells embedded within the bone mineral matrix, inform on key aspects of vertebrate biology. In particular, a relationship between volum... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford, Natural History Museum, London*, and Uppsala University.
2014. Huchard, Elise, Charmantier, Anne, English, Sinead, Bateman, Andrew, Nielsen, Johanna F., Clutton-Brock, Tim, Nielsen, J. F., English, S., Charmantier, A., Huchard, E., Bateman, A., and Clutton-Brock, T. Individual variation in growth is high in cooperative breeders and may reflect plastic divergence in developmental trajectories leading to breeding... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, Zoological Society of London, and French National Centre for Scientific Research.
2014. Ghoul, Melanie, West, Stuart A., Diggle, Steve P., Griffin, Ashleigh S., Ghoul, M., West, S. A., Griffin, A. S., and Diggle, S. P. Microbial cells rely on cooperative behaviours that can breakdown as a result of exploitation by cheats. Recent work on cheating in microbes, howev... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford, University of Nottingham, and Pennsylvania State University.
2013. Wyatt, Gregory A. K., West, Stuart A., Gardner, Andy, Gardner, A., Wyatt, G. A. K., and West, S. A. Darwin suggested that the discovery of altruism between species would annihilate his theory of natural selection. However, it has not been formally... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford.
2015. Kümmerli, Rolf, Santorelli, Lorenzo A., Granato, Elisa, Dumas, Zoé, Dobay, Akos, Griffin, Ashleigh S., and West, Stuart A. The production of beneficial public goods is common in the microbial world, and so is cheating – the exploitation of public goods by non-producing ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, University of Oxford, and University of Lausanne.
2015. Levin, Samuel, Brock, Debra, Queller, David, Strassmann, Joan, Levin, S. R., Brock, D. A., Queller, D. C., and Strassmann, J. E. The evolution of multicellularity is a major transition that is not yet fully understood. Specifically, we do not know if there are any mechanisms ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford and Washington University in St. Louis.