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2021. Ford, David Paul, Evans, Susan, Choiniere, Jonah, Fernandez, Vincent, and Benson, Roger. Lepidosaurs include lizards, snakes, amphisbaenians and the tuatara, comprising a highly speciose evolutionary radiation with widely varying anatom... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. University of the Witwatersrand, University College London, Natural History Museum, and University of Oxford.
2021. Fabbri, Matteo, Navalón, Guillermo, Mongiardino Koch, Nicolás, Hanson, Michael, Petermann, Holger, and Bhullar, Bhart-Anjan. Sauropod dinosaurs include the largest terrestrial vertebrates that have ever lived. Virtually every part of the sauropod body is heavily modified ... Evolution. Yale University, University of Oxford, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
2021. Sendell-Price, Ashley, Ruegg, Kristen, Robertson, Bruce, and Clegg, Sonya. When populations colonise new areas, both strong selection and strong drift can be experienced due to novel environments and small founding populat... Molecular Ecology. University of Oxford, Colorado State University, and University of Otago.
2021. Nilsson, Cecilia, La Sorte, Frank, Dokter, Adriaan, Horton, Kyle, Van Doren, Benjamin, Kolodzinski, Jeffrey, Shamoun-Baranes, Judy, and Farnsworth, Andrew. 1. Aircraft collisions with birds span the entire history of human aviation, including fatal collisions during some of the first powered human flig... Journal of Applied Ecology. University of Copenhagen, Cornell University, Colorado State University, University of Oxford, The Port Authority of NY & NJ*, and University of Amsterdam.
2021. Tao, Yun, Ferrari, Matthew, Shea, Katriona, Probeert, William, Runge, Michael, Lafferty, Kevin, and Tildesley, Michael. Livestock diseases have devastating consequences economically, socially, and politically across the globe. In certain systems, pathogens remain via... Journal of the Royal Society Interface. University of California, Santa Barbara, Pennsylvania State University, University of Oxford, United States Geological Survey, and University of Warwick.
2021. Reichert, Michael, Morand-Ferron, Julie, Kulahci, Ipek, Firth, Josh, Davidson, Gabrielle, Crofts, Sam, and Quinn, John. 1. The producer-scrounger game is a key element of foraging ecology in many systems. Producing and scrounging typically covary negatively, but part... Journal of Animal Ecology. Oklahoma State University, University of Ottawa, University College Cork, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge.