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2020. Peris, Ana, Devineau, Olivier, Præbel, Kim, Kahilainen, Kimmo K., and Østbye, Kjartan. Adaptive radiation is the diversification of species to different ecological niches and has repeatedly occurred in different salmonid fish of postg... Ecology and Evolution. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Arctic University of Norway, and University of Helsinki.
2021. Bories, Pierre, Rikardsen, Audun, Leonards, Pim, Fisk, Aaron, Tartu, Sabrina, Vogel, Emma, Bytingsvik, Jenny, and Blevin, Pierre. In cetaceans, blubber is the primary and largest lipid body reservoir. Our current understanding about lipid stores and uses in cetaceans is still ... Ecology and Evolution. Norwegian Institute for Water Research, The Arctic University of Norway, VU University Amsterdam, University of Windsor, and Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé.
2020. Orr, Russell, Sannum, Maja, Boessenkool, Sanne, Di Martino, Emanuela, Gordon, Dennis, Mello, Hannah, Obst, Matthias, Ramsfjell, Mali, Smith, Abigail, and Liow, Lee-Hsiang. Resolution of relationships at lower taxonomic levels is crucial for answering many evolutionary questions, and as such, sufficiently varied specie... Ecology and Evolution. University of Oslo, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, University of Otago, and University of Gothenburg.
2020. Roquer-Beni, Laura, Bosch, Jordi, Rodrigo, Anselm, Arnan, Xavier, Klein, Alexandra-Maria, Fornhoff, Felix, and Boreux, Virginie. 1. Hairiness is a salient trait of insect pollinators that has been linked to thermoregulation, pollen uptake and transportation, and pollination s... Ecology and Evolution. Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications and CREAF*.