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2019. Fuentes González, Jesualdo Arturo, Polly, P. David, and Martins, Emília P. Phylogenetic comparative methods use tree topology, branch lengths, and models of phenotypic change to take into account non-independence in statis... Evolution. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Indiana University Bloomington, and Arizona State University.
2020. Matsuo, Takashi, Minekawa, Kazuyoshi, and Amino, Kai. Females of many animal species mate several times with different males (polyandry), whereas females of some species mate with a single male (monand... Evolution. The University of Tokyo*.
2021. Fabbri, Matteo, Navalón, Guillermo, Mongiardino Koch, Nicolás, Hanson, Michael, Petermann, Holger, and Bhullar, Bhart-Anjan. Sauropod dinosaurs include the largest terrestrial vertebrates that have ever lived. Virtually every part of the sauropod body is heavily modified ... Evolution. Yale University, University of Oxford, and Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
2021. Bontrager, Megan, Usui, Takuji, Lee-Yaw, Julie, Anstett, Daniel, Branch, Haley, Hargreaves, Anna, Muir, Christopher, and Angert, Amy. Every species experiences limits to its geographic distribution. Some evolutionary models predict that populations at range edges are less well-ada... Evolution. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Lethbridge, McGill University, and University of Hawaii System.
2021. Josi, Dario, Heg, Dik, Takeyama, Tomohiro, Bonfils, Danielle, Konovalov, Dmitry A., Frommen, Joachim G., Kohda, Masanori, and Taborsky, Michael. Kin selection plays a major role in the evolution of cooperative systems. However, many social species exhibit complex within-group relatedness str... Evolution. University of Bern, Okayama University of Science, James Cook University, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Osaka City University.