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2021. Olazcuaga, Laure, Foucaud, Julien, Gautier, Mathieu, Deschamps, Candice, Loiseau, Anne, Leménager, Nicolas, Facon, Benoit, Ravigné, Virginie, Hufbauer, Ruth A., Estoup, Arnaud, and Rode, Nicolas O. The process of local adaptation involves differential changes in fitness over time across different environments. While experimental evolution stud... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Montpellier, National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, UMR PVBMT, CIRAD, St Pierre, La Réunion, France*, and Colorado State University.
2020. Galindo, Juan and Faria, Rui. Low dispersal marine intertidal species facing strong divergent selective pressures associated with steep environmental gradients have a great pote... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Vigo and University of Porto.
2019. Fisher, David, Lichtenstein, James, Costa-Pereira, Raul, Yeager, Justin, and Pruitt, Jonathan. Groups of animals possess phenotypes such as collective behaviour, which may determine the fitness of group members. However, the stability and rob... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. McMaster University, University of California, Santa Barbara, and University of the Americas.
2020. Ferreira do Nascimento, Lucas, R. Guimarães Jr, Paulo, E. Onstein, Renske, Kissling, W. Daniel, and M. Pires, Mathias. Understanding how ecological interactions have shaped the evolutionary dynamics of species traits remains a challenge in evolutionary ecology. Comb... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Sao Paulo, German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research, University of Amsterdam, and State University of Campinas.