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2019. Campagna, Leonardo, Kopuchian, Cecilia, Lijtmaer, Darío A., Cabanne, Gustavo S., García, Natalia C., Lavinia, Pablo D., Tubaro, Pablo L., Lovette, Irby, and Di Giacomo, Adrián S. The riverine barrier hypothesis proposes that large rivers represent geographic barriers to gene flow for terrestrial organisms, leading to populat... Molecular Ecology. Cornell University, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum, and National University of the Littoral.
2020. Abrego, Nerea, Roslin, Tomas, Huotari, Tea, Tack, Ayco J.M., Lindahl, Björn D., Tikhonov, Gleb, Somervuo, Panu, Schmidt, Niels Martin, Ovaskainen, Otso, and Tack, Ayco J. M. Understanding the role of interspecific interactions in shaping ecological communities is one of the central goals in community ecology. In fungal ... Molecular Ecology. University of Helsinki, Stockholm Environment Institute, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Computer Science Department, Roskilde University, and Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences Stockholm University Stockholm Sweden*.
2021. Affenzeller, Matthias, Pflugbeil, Georg, Tribsch, Andreas, and Comes, Hans Peter. Secondary vs. primary hybrid zone formation remains a challenging task as the time window in which these historical (vicariant) vs. contemporary (e... Molecular Ecology. University of Salzburg.
2020. Kaur, Rupinder, Kaur, Rupinder, Martinez, Julien, Rota-Stabelli, Omar, Jiggins, Frank, and Miller, Wolfgang. The bacterial symbiont Wolbachia can protect insects against viral pathogens, and the varying levels of antiviral protection are correlated with th... Molecular Ecology. Department of Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University, University of Glasgow, Fondazione Edmund Mach, University of Cambridge, and Medical University of Vienna.