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2020. Oktaviyanti, Nina Dewi, Kartini, Kartini, Hadiyat, Mochammad Arbi, Rachmawati, Ellen, Wijaya, Andre Chandra, Hayun, Hayun, and Mun'im, Abdul. In this study, an environmentally friendly extraction method for flavonoid compound from Ixora javanica as a new raw material candidate for herbal ... Royal Society Open Science. University of Surabaya and University of Indonesia.
2019. Bartolucci, Silvia and Kirilenko, Andrei. In the modelling we assume that crypto assets differ by two essential features: security (technological) and stability (governance). Investors make... Royal Society Open Science. Imperial College London and University of Cambridge.
2020. Funston, Gregory, Chinzorig, Tsogtbaatar, Tsogtbaatar, Khishigjav, Kobayashi, Yoshitsugu, Sullivan, Corwin, and Currie, Philip. Late Cretaceous trends in Asian dinosaur diversity are poorly understood, but recent discoveries have documented a radiation of oviraptorosaur ther... Royal Society Open Science. University of Edinburgh, Institute of Paleontology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ulaanbaatar*, Hokkaido University Museum, Hokkaido University*, and University of Alberta.
2021. Luo, Yongyi, Zhai, Fuqiang, Zhang, Yingchun, Chen, Zhiqiang, Ding, Mingde, Qin, Dajiang, Yang, Jinming, Feng, Guang, and Li, Lu.   The development of high-performance air filter has become more and more important to public health. However, it has always been very challenging ... Royal Society Open Science. Southwest University, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, Chongqing Zisun Technology Co Ltd*, and East China Normal University.
2020. Zhang, Zhiqiang, Liang, Huiqi, Wei, Peizi, and Cui, Changhui. The oscillatory behavior of the center of mass (CoM) and the ground reaction forces (GRFs) of walking people can be successfully explained by a 2D ... Royal Society Open Science. Southeast University.