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2021. Wieland, Ralf, Ukawa, Chinatsu, Joschko, Monika, Krolczyk, Adrian, Fritsch, Guido, Hildebrandt, Thomas, Filser, Juliane, Schmidt, Olaf, and Jimenez, Juan J. Soil samples from several European countries were scanned using medical computer tomography (CT) device and are now available as CT images. The ana... Royal Society Open Science. Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, University of Bremen, University College Dublin, and ARAID, IPE-CSIC,ES*.
2021. M M Fernandes, Luisa, Lansky, Sônia, Reis Passos, Hozana, T. Bozlak, Christine, and A. Shaw, Benjamin. Brazil has a cesarean rate of 56% and low use of Intrapartum Evidence-based Practices (IEBP) of 3.4%, reflecting a medically centered and highly in... PLOS ONE. Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz, Prefeitura Municipal de Belo Horizonte, and Albany State University.
2021. Villena-Tejada, Magaly, Vera-Ferchau, Ingrid, Cardona-Rivero, Anahi, Zamalloa-Cornejo, Rina, Quispe-Florez, Maritza, Frisancho-Triveño, Zany, Abarca-Meléndez, Rosario, Alvarez-Sucari, Susan, Mejia, Christian, and Yáñez, Jaime. Background: The burden of the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru has led to people seeking alternative treatments as preventives and treatment options such ... PLOS ONE. National University of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Cuzco, Universidad Continental, and Universidad Norbert Wiener.