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2021. Zhao, Yuhao, Sanders, Nathan, Liu, Juan, Jin, Tinghao, Zhou, Haonan, Lu, Ruisen, Ding, Ping, and Si, Xingfeng. Habitat loss and fragmentation reduce biodiversity and alter species composition in local communities. β diversity describes the variation in speci... Ecography. East China Normal University, University of Michigan*, Zhejiang University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2017. Yu, Shengyang, Tward, Aaron, and Knox, Sarah. Isolated Lacrimal gland for Single Cell RNA sequence data from E16 and P4 mice. These are the raw read count matrices along side the barcode for th... UCSF.
2015. Stanish, Charles and Levine, Abigail. Carbon dates from excavated contexts at the site of Taraco, Peru.
2020. Su, Chenxia, Kang, Ronghua, Zhu, Weixing, Huang, Wentao, Song, Linlin, Wang, Ang, Liu, Dongwei, Quan, Zhi, Zhu, Feifei, Fu, Pingqing, and Fang, Yunting. Measuring the nitrogen isotope compositions (δ15N) of nitric oxide (NO) from different sources helps to quantify the relative contributions of atmo... Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences*, Binghamton University, and Tianjin University.
2020. Escalas, Arthur, Villéger, Sébastien, Auguet, Jean-Christophe, and Avouac, Amandine. Animals have been developing key associations with micro-organisms through evolutionary processes and ecological diversification. Hence, in some ho... Frontiers in Marine Science. Marine Biodiversity Exploitation and Conservation.
2020. Pandit, Lekha. Objective:To understand the role of gut microbiome in influencing the pathogenesis of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD)among patients... Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation. K S Hegde Medical Academy.
2020. van Schewick, Cornelia, Nöltner, Christina, Abel, Svenja, Burns, Siobhan, Workman, Sarita, Symes, Andrew, Guzman, David, Proietti, Michele, Bulashevska, Alla, Moreira, Fernando, Soetedjo, Veronika, Lowe, David, and Grimbacher, Bodo. Background: Diarrhoea is the commonest gastrointestinal symptom in patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). Objective: The aim of ... Frontiers in Immunology. The Royal Free Hospital, University of Freiburg, and Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling (FDM)*.
2020. Li, Guifeng. These are the original 16S DNA sequencing data based on the collected planktonic microorganisms, and classified by serial number. All data were dou... Spatio-Temporal Variation of Bacterioplankton Communities in Artificial Fishery Habitat of Freshwater : Impacts of Habitat and Physicochemical Factors*. Sun Yat-sen University.
2018. Geary, Brock, Leberg, Paul, Martinez, Juita, and Santariello, Andrea. Test repository for data related to nesting biology of brown pelicans in relation to barrier islands in coastal Louisiana, USA. University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
2021. Blumfield, Michelle, Starck, Carlene, Keighley, Tim, Petocz, Peter, Roesler, Anna, Inan-Eroglu, Elif, Cassettari, Tim, Marshall, Skye, and Fayet-Moore, Flavia. This Australian and New Zealand food category cost dataset was created to inform diet and economic modelling for low and medium socioeconomic house... International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Nutrition Research Australia*, Macquarie University, Flinders University, and University of Sydney.
2021. George, Emma E., Mullinix, James A., Meng, Fanwei, Bailey, Barbara A., Edwards, Clinton, Felts, Ben, Haas, Andreas F., Hartmann, Aaron, Mueller, Benjamin, Roach, Ty F., Salamon, Peter, Silveira, Cynthia, Vermeij, Mark, Rohwer, Forest, and Luque, Antoni. Abstract from the article associated with the dataset: George, Mullinix, et al PeerJ 2021. Reef-building corals are ecosystem engineers that com... PeerJ. University of British Columbia, San Diego State University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography*, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History*, Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity Foundation, and University of Miami.
2018. Prudencio, Janire, Manga, Michael, and Taira, Taka'aki. We image seismic intrinsic (Qi-1) and scattering (Qs-1) attenuation in Long Valley caldera, California, by analyzing more than 1700 vertical-compon... University of California, Berkeley.
2021. Adeleye, Matthew, Haberle, Simon, McWethy, David, Connor, Simon, and Stevenson, Janelle. We reconstruct the last glacial vegetation (pollen record), fire (charcoal record) and lake levels (NPP record) for Bass Strait. Results show the B... Journal of Biogeography. Australian National University and Montana State University.
2021. Kenney, Justin W., Steadman, Patrick E., Young, Olivia, Shi, Meng Ting, Polanco, Maris, Dubaishi, Saba, Covert, Kristopher, Mueller, Thomas, and Frankland, Paul W. Zebrafish have made significant contributions to our understanding of the vertebrate brain and the neural basis of behavior, earning a place as one... eLife. Wayne State University, The Hospital for Sick Children*, and Kansas State University.
2018. Prudencio, Janire and Manga, Michael. Unrest at Long Valley caldera, California has been attributed to magma recharge or the ascent of hydrothermal fluids. The difference is critical fo... University of California, Berkeley.
2021. Ke, Yuzheng, Wu, Rui, Zelenitsky, Darla, Brinkman, Don, Hu, Jinfeng, Zhang, Shukang, Jiang, Haishui, and Han, Fenglu. Turtle eggs containing embryos are exceedingly rare in the fossil record. Here, we provide the first description and taxonomic identification, to o... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. China University of Geosciences, University of Calgary, Royal Tyrrell Museum, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2019. Navlakha, Saket. 713 3D plant shoot architectures from 3 species (Tomato, Tobacco, Sorghum), scanned across multiple conditions (ambient light, high-heat, high-ligh... Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
2021. Moffett, Elizabeth. Objectives: The presence of sexual dimorphism in the birth canals of anthropoid primates is well-documented, and birth canal dimorphism tends to be... American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Rocky Vista University.
2019. JIANG, Hong. Background: The adverse effects of hypercortisolism on total human brain had been highlighted in previous neuroscience studies of Cushing’s disease... Ruijin Hospital.
2021. Sun, Di. Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) have undergone a radical transformation from the typical terrestrial mammalian body plan to a streamlin... The American Naturalist. Nanjing Normal University.
2021. Boyle, John, Armbruster, Peter, Rastas, Pasi, Huang, Xin, Garner, Austin, Vythilingam, Indra, and Armbruster, Peter. The Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, is an invasive vector mosquito of substantial public health concern. The large genome size (~1.19-1.28 ... Insects. University of Mary, Georgetown University, University of Helsinki, and University of Malaya.
2020. Ames, Elizabeth, Neville, Kerri, Mcnamara, Nancy, Keegan, Catherine, and Elsea, Sarah. This data shows the references cited in the case report for the diagnosis of a 12-month-old girl who was referred to the pediatric neuromuscular cl... Neurology. University of Michigan Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine.
2020. Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid, Beck, James, Rushworth, Catherine, Windham, Michael, Diaz, Nicolas, Cantley, Jason, Martine, Chris, and Rothfels, Carl. Premise of the study: The ability to sequence genome-scale data from herbarium specimens would allow for the economical development of broad datase... Applications in Plant Sciences. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wichita State University, University of California Davis, Duke University, Bucknell University, San Francisco State University, and University of California Berkeley.
2019. Fuentes González, Jesualdo Arturo, Polly, P. David, and Martins, Emília P. Phylogenetic comparative methods use tree topology, branch lengths, and models of phenotypic change to take into account non-independence in statis... Evolution. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Indiana University Bloomington, and Arizona State University.
2021. Grimmond, Terry, Bright, Anna, Cadman, June, Dixon, James, Ludditt, Sally, Robinson, Clive, and Topping, Clare. The purpose of this study was to compare Global Warming Potential (GWP) of hospitals converting from single-use to reusable sharps containers (SSC,... BMJ Open. Grimmond and Associates*, Sustainability West Midlands*, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, and Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust.
2020. Horne, Malcolm, Woodrow, Holly, Fernando, Chathurini, and Kotschet, Katya. Medical conditions with effective therapies are usually managed with objective measurement and therapeutic targets. Parkinson's disease has effecti... NPJ Parkinson's Disease*. Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and St. Vincent's Hospital.
2020. Magris, Rafael A., Costa, Micheli D. P., Ferreira, Carlos E. L., Vilar, Ciro C., Joyeux, Jean-Christophe, Creed, Joel C., Copertino, Margareth S., Horta, Paulo, Sumida, Paulo Y. G., Francini-Filho, Ronaldo, and Floeter, Sergio R. Aim: As a step towards providing support for an ecological approach to strengthening marine protected areas (MPAs) and meeting international commit... Diversity and Distributions. Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade, Deakin University, Fluminense Federal University, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro State University, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande*, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, University of Sao Paulo, and Universidade de Sao Paulo.
2020. Peris, Ana, Devineau, Olivier, Præbel, Kim, Kahilainen, Kimmo K., and Østbye, Kjartan. Adaptive radiation is the diversification of species to different ecological niches and has repeatedly occurred in different salmonid fish of postg... Ecology and Evolution. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Arctic University of Norway, and University of Helsinki.
2020. Orr, Russell, Di Martino, E., Gordon, D.P., Ramsfjell, M.H., Mello, H.L., Smith, A.M., and Liow, L.H. Larger and larger molecular phylogenies based on ever more genes are becoming commonplace with the advent of cheaper and more streamlined sequencin... Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Natural History Museum, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and University of Otago.
2021. Banihashem, Shahab, Borna, Sahar, Naseri, Mahshid, Danesh, Arash, and Motazedian, Somayeh. Introduction: Coronavirus disease 2019, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, has contributed to considerable morbidity and mortality in 2020. While re... Case Reports in Psychiatry*. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Sari University of Medical Sciences*.
2020. Powers, Jennifer, Vargas-G, German, Brodribb, Timothy, Schwartz, Naomi, Perez-Aviles, Daniel, Smith-Martin, Chris, Becknell, Justin, Aureli, Filippo, Blanco, Roger, Calderón-Morales, Erick, Calvo-Alvarado, Julio César, Calvo-Obando, Ana Julieta, Chavarría, María Marta, Carvajal-Vanegas, Dorian, Jiménez-Rodríguez, César Dionisio, Murillo Chacon, Evin, Schaffner, Colleen, Werden, Leland, Xu, Xiangtao, and Medvigy, David. Drought-related tree mortality is now a widespread phenomenon predicted to increase in magnitude with climate change. However, the patterns of whic... Global Change Biology. University of Minnesota, University of Tasmania, University of British Columbia, Colby College, Liverpool John Moores University, Área de Conservación Guanacaste*, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Universidad Veracruzana, Harvard University, and University of Notre Dame.
2020. Zhong, Jin-cheng, Ji, Qiu-mei, Xin, Jin-wei, Chai, Zhi-xin, Zhang, Cheng-fu, Dawa, Yangla, Luo, Sang, Zhang, Qiang, Pingcuo, Zhandui, Peng, Min-sheng, Zhu, Yong, Cao, Han-wen, Wang, Hui, and Han, Jian-lin. Yak is an important livestock for the people who lived in harsh and oxygen-deprived Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Hindu-Kush Himalayan Mountains. Alt... Molecular Ecology Resources. Southwest Minzu University, State Key Laboratory of Hulless Barley and Yak Germplasm Resources and Genetic Improvement, Lhasa, P.R. China*, Kunming Institute of Zoology, and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
2019. Bruce, Spencer, Schiraldi, Nicholas, Kamath, Pauline, Easterday, W. Ryan, and Turner, Wendy. Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax, is a considerable global health threat affecting wildlife, livestock, and the general public. I... 1752-4571. University at Albany, State University of New York, University of Maine, and University of Oslo.
2020. O'Brien, David, Hall, Jeanette, Miró, Alexandre, O'Brien, Katie, and Jehle, Robert. 1. Effective wildlife restoration is a critical requirement of many conservation actions. The outcome of conservation interventions can be optimise... Ecological Solutions and Evidence. University of Salford, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Highland Amphibian and Reptile Project*.
2020. Fan, Xiao-Yang, Liu, Wen-Yao, Song, Liang, Liu, Shuai, Shi, Xian-Meng, and Yuan, Guo-Di. The distribution and performance of bryophyte species are known to vary with vertical gradients, due to changes in environmental factors, especiall... American Journal of Botany. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Anhui Normal University, Shangqiu Normal University, and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.
2020. Wu, Yunhe, Yan, Fang, Stuart, Bryan L., Prendini, Elizabeth, Suwannapoom, Chatmongkon, Dahn, Hollis A., Zhang, Bao-Lin, Cai, Hong-Xia, Xu, Yong-Biao, Jiang, Ke, Chen, Hong-Man, Lemmon, Alan R., Lemmon, Emily Moriarty, Raxworthy, Christopher J., Orlov, Nikolai L., Murphy, Robert W., and Che, Jing. Amolops is one of the most species-rich genera in Ranidae, with 59 recognized species. This genus currently includes six species groups diagnosed m... Kunming Institute of Zoology, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Prirodnjacki Muzej Crne Gore, University of Phayao, University of Toronto, Ministère de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports, Yunnan University, Universidade Estadual do Amapá, Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej, and Royal Ontario Museum.
2019. Díaz, Mario, Concepción, Elena D., Oviedo, José L., Caparrós, Alejandro, Farizo, Begoña A., and Campos, Pablo. We present a new comprehensive index for mapping the relative conservation value of threatened biodiversity. The index is based on explicit criteri... Ecological Indicators. Spanish National Research Council.
2021. Baker, William, Bailey, Paul, Barber, Vanessa, Barker, Abigail, Bellot, Sidonie, Bishop, David, Botigue, Laura, Brewer, Grace, Carruthers, Tom, Clarkson, James, Cook, Jeffrey, Cowan, Robyn, Dodsworth, Steven, Epitawalage, Niroshini, Françoso, Elaine, Gallego, Berta, Johnson, Matthew, Kim, Jan, Leempoel, Kevin, Maurin, Olivier, McGinnie, Catherine, Pokorny, Lisa, Roy, Shyamali, Stone, Malcolm, Toledo, Eduardo, Wickett, Norman, Zuntini, Alexandre, Eiserhardt, Wolf, Kersey, Paul, Leitch, Ilia, and Forest, Félix. The tree of life is the fundamental biological roadmap for navigating the evolution and properties of life on Earth, and yet remains largely unknow... Systematic Biology. Royal Botanic Gardens, Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics, University of Bedfordshire, Texas Tech University, University of Hertfordshire, Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics, Chicago Botanic Garden*, and Aarhus University.
2020. Nogueira da Silva, Leonardo, Saarela, Jeffery, Essi, Liliana, and Souza-Chies, Tatiana. The circumscription of subtribe Calothecinae has undergone several changes since its description. Currently, three genera are considered in the sub... Journal of Systematics and Evolution. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Canadian Museum of Nature, and Universidade Federal de Santa Maria.
2020. Dong, Shi-Yong, Zuo, Zheng-Yu, Xiao, Yong, Huang, Ling, Kang, Ming, Ke, Loc Phan, and Van, The Pham. Gymnosphaera represents a minor lineage within the scaly tree-fern family Cyatheaceae. Tropical and subtropical mainland Asia is a main distributio... Journal of Systematics and Evolution. South China Botanical Garden*, Kunming Institute of Botany, VNU University of Science, and Ton Duc Thang University.
2020. Hashemian, Mohammadreza, Zare-Farashbandi, Firoozeh, Yamani, Nikoo, Rahimi, Alireza, and Adibi, Peyman. Objectives: Access to high-quality information improves the quality of patient care, but lack of time and sufficient skills in information-seeking ... Journal of the Medical Library Association JMLA. Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.
2020. Matsuo, Takashi, Minekawa, Kazuyoshi, and Amino, Kai. Females of many animal species mate several times with different males (polyandry), whereas females of some species mate with a single male (monand... Evolution. The University of Tokyo*.
2020. Amburgey, Kimberly, Acker, Meryl, Saeed, Samia, Amin, Reshma, Beggs, Alan H., Bönneman, Carsten G., Brudno, Michael, Constantinescu, Andrei, Dastgir, Johannaz, Diallo, Mamadou, Genetti, Casie A., Glueck, Michael, Hewson, Stacy, Hum, Courtney, Jain, Minal S., Lawlor, Michael W., Mayer, Oscar H., Nelson, Leslie, Sultanum, Nicole, Syed, Faiza, Tran, Tuyen, Wang, Ching H., and Dowling, James J. Objective:  Nemaline myopathy (NM) is a rare neuromuscular condition with clinical and genetic heterogeneity. To establish disease natural history,... Neurology. Hospital for Sick Children, Princess Margaret Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, National Institutes of Health, University of Toronto, Columbia University Medical Center, Goryeb Children's Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Driscoll Children's Hospital.
2020. Church, Samuel H., de Medeiros, Bruno A. S., Donoughe, Seth, Márquez Reyes, Nicole L., and Extavour, Cassandra G. The number of offspring an organism can produce is a key component of its evolutionary fitness and life-history. This number differs widely between... Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Harvard University, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, University of Chicago, and University of Puerto Rico at Cayey.
2021. Bories, Pierre, Rikardsen, Audun, Leonards, Pim, Fisk, Aaron, Tartu, Sabrina, Vogel, Emma, Bytingsvik, Jenny, and Blevin, Pierre. In cetaceans, blubber is the primary and largest lipid body reservoir. Our current understanding about lipid stores and uses in cetaceans is still ... Ecology and Evolution. Norwegian Institute for Water Research, The Arctic University of Norway, VU University Amsterdam, University of Windsor, and Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé.
2020. Wu, Chenxi, LeClere, Sherry, Liu, Kang, Paciorek, Marta, Perez-Jones, Alejandro, Westra, Phil, and Sammons, Douglas. Precise quantification of the fitness cost of synthetic auxins resistance has been impeded by lack of knowledge for the genetic basis of resistance... Pest Management Science. Bayer (United States), Colorado State University, and Sammons BFC LLC*.
2020. Demetrio, Wilian C., Conrado, Ana C., Acioli, Agno N. S., Ferreira, Alexandre C., Bartz, Marie L. C., James, Samuel W., Silva, Elodie, Maia, Lilianne S., Martins, Gilvan C., Macedo, Rodrigo S., Stanton, David W. G., Lavelle, Patrick, Velasquez, Elena, Zangerlé, Anne, Barbosa, Rafaella, Tapia‐Coral, Sandra C., Muniz, Aleksander W., Santos, Alessandra, Ferreira, Talita, Segalla, Rodrigo F., Decaëns, Thibaud, Nadolny, Herlon S., Peña‐Venegas, Clara P., Maia, Cláudia M. B. F., Pasini, Amarildo, Mota, André F., Taube Júnior, Paulo S., Silva, Telma A. C., Rebellato, Lilian, Oliveira Júnior, Raimundo C., Neves, Eduardo G., Lima, Helena P., Feitosa, Rodrigo M., Vidal Torrado, Pablo, McKey, Doyle, Clement, Charles R., Shock, Myrtle P., Teixeira, Wenceslau G., Motta, Antônio C. V., Melo, Vander F., Dieckow, Jeferson, Garrastazu, Marilice C., Chubatsu, Leda S., Kille, Peter, Cunha, Luís, and Brown, George G. Amazonian rainforests once thought to hold an innate pristine wilderness, are increasingly known to have been densely inhabited by populations show... Global Change Biology. Federal University of Paraná, Federal University of Amazonas, University of Coimbra, Maharishi International University, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Instituto Nacional do Semiárido, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, National University of Colombia, Ministry of Agriculture, Centro Universitário do Norte, National Training Service, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier, Instituto Sinchi, Londrina State University, Federal University of Western Pará, National Institute of Amazonian Research, Universidade de São Paulo, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Escola Superior de Enfermagem de São José de Cluny, Rio de Janeiro State University, Embrapa Forestry*, and Cardiff University.
2020. Lou, Jieqiong, McCann, Alex, Moustaqil, Mehdi, Graus, Matthew, Blum, Ailisa, Fontaine, Frank, Liu, Hui, Luu, Winnie, Koopman, Peter, Sierecki, Emma, Gambin, Yann, Meunier, Frédéric, Liu, Zhe, Hinde, Elizabeth, and Francois, Mathias. Few genetically dominant mutations involved in human disease have been fully explained at the molecular level. In cases where the mutant gene encod... Nucleic Acids Research. University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
2021. Shu, Longfei, He, Zhenzhen, Guan, Xiaotong, Yang, Xueqin, Tian, Yuehui, Zhang, Siyi, Wu, Chenyuan, He, Zhili, Yan, Qingyun, Wang, Cheng, and Shi, Yijing. 1. Soil protists are the invisible majority of soil eukaryotes, which are essential but often forgotten parts of the soil ecosystem. They play key ... Functional Ecology. Sun Yat-sen University and South China Normal University.