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2016. Vesterinen, Eero J., Wirta, Helena K., Hambäck, Peter A., Weingartner, Elisabeth, Rasmussen, Claus, Reneerkens, Jeroen, Schmidt, Niels M., Gilg, Olivier, and Roslin, Tomas. How food webs are structured has major implications for their stability and dynamics. While poorly studied to date, arctic food webs are commonly a... Ecology and Evolution. University of Turku, University of Helsinki, Stockholm University, Aarhus University, and University of Groningen.
2015. Blagoev, Gergin A., deWaard, Jeremy R., Ratnasingham, Sujeevan, deWaard, Stephanie L., Lu, Liuqiong, Robertson, James, Telfer, Angela C., and Hebert, Paul D. N. Approximately 1460 species of spiders have been reported from Canada, 3% of the global fauna. This study provides a DNA barcode reference library f... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Guelph.