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2019. Bock, Dan G., Kantar, Michael B., Caseys, Celine, Matthey-Doret, Remi, and Rieseberg, Loren H. Invasion success of species introduced to novel environments may be facilitated by adaptive evolution and by phenotypic plasticity. Here we investi... Nature Ecology & Evolution. University of British Columbia.
2011. Cristescu, Melania E., Constantin, Anna, Bock, Dan G., Cáceres, Carla E., and Crease, Teresa J. Whether speciation can advance to completion in the face of initially high levels of gene flow is a very controversial topic in evolutionary biolog... Molecular Ecology. University of Windsor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and University of Guelph.
2012. Lacoursière-Roussel, Anaïs, McKindsey, Christopher W., Bock, Dan G., Cristescu, Melania E., Guichard, Frédéric, Girard, Philippe, and Legendre, Pierre. The relative importance of multiple vectors to the initial establishment, spread, and population dynamics of invasive species remains poorly unders... Molecular Ecology. McGill University, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, University of Windsor, and University of Montreal.
2021. Bock, Dan, Baeckens, Simon, Pita-Aquino, Jessica, Chejanovski, Zachary, Michaelides, Sozos, Muralidhar, Pavitra, Lapiedra, Oriol, Park, Sungdae, Menke, Douglas, Geneva, Anthony, Losos, Jonathan, and Kolbe, Jason. Hybridization is among the evolutionary mechanisms most frequently hypothesized to drive the success of invasive species, in part because hybrids a... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Washington University in Saint Louis, University of Antwerp, University of Rhode Island, Concordia University, University of California, Davis, Centre for Ecological Research and Applied Forestries*, University of Georgia, and Rutgers University.
2014. Vines, Timothy H., Albert, Arianne Y. K., Andrew, Rose L., Débarre, Florence, Bock, Dan G., Franklin, Michelle T., Gilbert, Kimberly J., Moore, Jean-Sébastien, Renaut, Sébastien, and Rennison, Diana J. Policies ensuring that research data are available on public archives are increasingly being implemented at the government, funding agency, and jou... Current Biology. University of British Columbia, University of Exeter, and Université Laval.
2013. Vines, Timothy H., Andrew, Rose L., Bock, Dan G., Franklin, Michelle T., Gilbert, Kimberly J., Kane, Nolan C., Moore, Jean-Sébastien, Moyers, Brook T., Renaut, Sébastien, Rennison, Diana J., Veen, Thor, and Yeaman, Sam. The data underlying scientific papers should be accessible to researchers both now and in the future, but how best can we ensure that these data ar... The FASEB Journal. University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and University of Colorado Boulder.