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Please contact gro.dayrdatad@pleh for assistance with your dataset submission, or with questions about our submission process or publication process.

Get involved

Is your organization interested in joining or working with Dryad? Contact gro.dayrdatad@spihsrentrap and our partnership team will get back to you. Individual researchers do not need a Dryad membership, and should follow our submission instructions to get started.

Preview changes

A few times a year, we ask volunteer user testers to provide feedback on sneak peeks at changes and new features. Do you want to help direct the future of Dryad?

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Request changes

Have you noticed a problem with Dryad, or a feature we’re missing? Anyone may request changes to Dryad, from the smallest wording change to major new features. All requests will be evaluated and prioritized for potential inclusion into the Dryad system.

Please send feature requests to gro.dayrdatad@pleh, with “Feature request” in the subject line. As part of the request, please answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  • Who would use the feature?
  • What problem are you trying to solve for these users?
  • What would change about Dryad if the feature is successful?
  • Can you provide examples of this feature on other websites? (e.g., screenshots)

After your request is received, we will provide you with brief feedback about the status of the request and how we expect it to be addressed.

General enquiries

Email: gro.dayrdatad@olleh

Phone: +1 833-292-5326

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Head office

417 Mace Blvd. , Ste J110
Davis, CA 95618
United States

Jennifer Gibson, Executive Director: gro.dayrdatad@nosbigj

Jessica Herzog, Head of Publishing Services: gro.dayrdatad@gozrehj

Sarah Lippincott, Head of Community Engagement: gro.dayrdatad@haras

Dryad is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation under the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act, registered with the U.S. IRS, EIN number 46-1685419.