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Surface weather stations and lightning data


Albrecht, Rachel (2017), Surface weather stations and lightning data, DataONE, Dataset, https://doi.org/10.15146/R3QK5T


Surface weather stations and lightning data for diurnal and monthly composities. Objectives: Study the influence of river breezes in the development of deep convection using lightning strokes as a proxy for deep convection. Experimental Design: - Two surface weather stations: 1 (one) at Ponta Pelada airport (North of Negro, Solimões and Amazonas rivers conjunction) and 1 (one) at GoAmazon T2 Site (west of Solimões River) - Lightning strikes from Vaisala Inc. Global Lightning Detection network (GLD360) Methods: - Lightning strikes by hour of the day to show diurnal cycle - Use GoAmazon IOP1 (Feb-Mar 2014) and IOP2 (Sep-Oct 2014) as "monthly" variations (i.e., IOP1 == Wet season and IOP2 == Dry season). Link to Tableau Online: https://public.tableau.com/profile/publish/Vento/Painel1#!/publish-confirm