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Data from: Optical data compression in time stretch imaging


Chen, Claire Lifan; Mahjourbar, Ata; Jalali, Bahram; Mahjoubfar, Ata (2016), Data from: Optical data compression in time stretch imaging, Dryad, Dataset,


Time stretch imaging offers real-time image acquisition at millions of frames per second and subnanosecond shutter speed, and has enabled detection of rare cancer cells in blood with record throughput and specificity. An unintended consequence of high throughput image acquisition is the massive amount of digital data generated by the instrument. Here we report the first experimental demonstration of real-time optical image compression applied to time stretch imaging. By exploiting the sparsity of the image, we reduce the number of samples and the amount of data generated by the time stretch camera in our proof-of-concept experiments by about three times. Optical data compression addresses the big data predicament in such systems.

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