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SquamBase 1.0 – a dataset of squamate species traits

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Meiri, Shai (2024). SquamBase 1.0 – a dataset of squamate species traits [Dataset]. Dryad.


Motivation: I present a database that contains information on multiple key traits for all 11,744 recognized species of squamates worldwide. The database encompasses key traits and hopefully a reasonably comprehensive picture of available public knowledge. I present a comprehensive description of the sources and rationale leading to the assignment of each particular trait state for each species. Hopefully, the dataset can serve the scientific community and promote research and understanding of the group, comparisons with other taxa, and assessment of conservation needs. Furthermore, gaps in our knowledge of squamate traits become readily apparent and will hopefully lead to further study and even better knowledge.

Main types of variables contained: morphological, ecological, life history, geographic and conservation-related traits

Spatial location: Global

Time period: Late Holocene to recent

Major taxa and level of measurement: Squamata, species

Software format: .xlsx

README: SquamBase 1.0 – a dataset of squamate species traits


The dataset contains data on multiple traits for all squamate species recognized as of January 2024

Description of the data and file structure

Each data field is accompanied by a metadata field, and a general sources field appears for each species. 'NA' cells across all files refer to data that are not available.

Sharing/Access information

Data were derived from ~10,285 sources (mostly literature sources).


Data were manually collected over 18 years.


Israel Science Foundation, Award: 611/23

United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Award: 2021030