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Tote Road Pike Lakes restoration: northern pike eradication

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Massengill, Robert (2020). Tote Road Pike Lakes restoration: northern pike eradication [Dataset]. Dryad.


This data was collected during the period of 2016-2019 in support of an invasive northern pike and muskeullunge eradication project at eight lakes near Soldotna, Alaska collectively known as the Tote Road Pike Lakes.  The data represents information on lake water quality, gillnetting effort and catch and catch sampling. The dataset also includes data on the capture and relocation of native fish (rainbow trout and juvenile coho salmon) collected from Soldotna Creek (a Kenai River tributary) and released into the eight Tote Road area lakes to provide for an alternate fishery following the removal of invasive northern pike and muskeullunge using the chemical rotneone. 


Water quality data was collected with a Quanta Hydrolab.  Water quality measurements were collected in one-meter water increments from the lake bottom to lake surface.  Water quality was collcted from each lake on a quasi-monthly basis for one year before and one year after the rotenone treament of each lake. Calibration of the Hydrolab was done according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Gillnetting and fish sampling data was collected during northern pike and muskelluenge removal activities in 2018 and also from gillnettting in 2019 done to verify the success of invasive fish eradication attempts via rotenone treatment. Gillnets were variable mesh gillnets paneled with six 20-foot sections of three-quarter in, 1 in, 1¼ in, 1½ in, 1¾ in, and 2 in stretch monofilament mesh. Fish lengths were measured from fork-of-tail to tip-of -snout. Some fish caught in the spring of 2018 were sampled for spawning condition and sex identificatiion based on morphological traits observed during dissection.

All data was manually entered into Microsoft Excel files then error-checked for typos and out-of-range values before converting to .csv file format.

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See ReadMe file for dataset descriptions.


Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund, Award: NA16NMF4380336