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Data from: COVID-19-related encephalopathy responsive to high doses glucocorticoids


Lalive, Patrice et al. (2021), Data from: COVID-19-related encephalopathy responsive to high doses glucocorticoids, Dryad, Dataset,


One hundred twenty patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) were hospitalized in our intensive care unit, Geneva, Switzerland, between March 9 and April 16, 2020. We report the clinical evolution of 5 consecutive patients intubated because of COVID-19– related acute respiratory distress syndrome, presenting with a pathologic recovery of consciousness, which was responsive to high-dose glucocorticoids. These patients all presented with angio-MRI signs of inflammation of CNS arteries, consistent with an endothelialitis rather than a vasculitis. The median time between COVID-19 first symptoms and intubation was 10 days (IQR 10–11 days). The clinical data, as well as biological and radiological data, were collected separately and analyzed as described in Supplemental tables 1 to 3.

Usage Notes

All data were collected as described in the method section and the legend figures and tables. The missing data for some patients are described in the figures and tables.

Supplemental data:

Characteristic of patients (S1)

Treatments and symptoms (S2)

Laboratories Values (S3)