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Labeled data for citation field extraction


Thai, Dung et al. (2022), Labeled data for citation field extraction, Dryad, Dataset,


Citations are an important part of scientific papers, and the proper handling of them is indispensable for the science of science. Citation field extraction is the task of parsing citations: given a citation string, extract authors, title, venue, doi etc. Since the number of citations is counted by hundreds millions, efficient computer based methods for this task are very important.

The development of machine learning methods for citation field extraction requires ground truth: a large corpus of labeled citations. This dataset provides a very large (41M) corpus of labeled data obtained by the reverse process: we took structured citation lists and used BibTeX to generate labeled citation strings.


We extracted structure citation lists from a variety of sources (see the description in our paper referenced below) and retypeset them using a variety of BibTeX styles. The styles were modified to produce the labels corresponding to citation fields.

Usage notes

See README file for data description.