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Data from: Ancient mitochondrial gene transfer between fungi and the orchids


Sinn, Brandon T; Barrett, Craig F (2019), Data from: Ancient mitochondrial gene transfer between fungi and the orchids, Dryad, Dataset,


The mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes) of plants are known to incorporate and accumulate DNA from intra- and extracellular donors. Despite the intimate relationships formed between flowing plants (angiosperms) and fungi, lengthy fungal-like sequence has not been identified in angiosperm mitogenomes to date. Here we present multiple lines of evidence documenting horizontal gene transfer (HGT) between the mitogenomes of fungi and the ancestors of the orchids, plants that are obligate parasites of fungi during their early development. We show that the ancestor of the orchids acquired an approximately 270 bp fungal mitogenomic region containing three transfer RNA genes. We propose that the short HGT was later replaced by a second HGT event transferring more than 8 kb and 14 genes from a fungal mitogenome to that of the ancestor of the largest orchid subfamily, Epidendroideae. Our results represent the first evidence of genomic-scale HGT between fungal and angiosperm mitogenomes and demonstrate that the length intergenic spacer regions of angiosperm mitogenomes can effectively fossilize the genomic remains of ancient, non-plant organisms.

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National Science Foundation, Award: 0830020