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Data from: A multispecies coalescent model for quantitative traits


Mendes, Fabio K.; Fuentes-González, Jesualdo A.; Schraiber, Joshua G.; Hahn, Matthew W. (2018), Data from: A multispecies coalescent model for quantitative traits, Dryad, Dataset,


We present a multispecies coalescent model for quantitative traits that allows for evolutionary inferences at micro- and macroevolutionary scales. A major advantage of this model is its ability to incorporate genealogical discordance underlying a quantitative trait. We show that discordance causes a decrease in the expected trait covariance between more closely related species relative to more distantly related species. If unaccounted for, this outcome can lead to an overestimation of a trait's evolutionary rate, to a decrease in its phylogenetic signal, and to errors when examining shifts in mean trait values. The number of loci controlling a quantitative trait appears to be irrelevant to all trends reported, and discordance also affected discrete, threshold traits. Our model and analyses point to the conditions under which different methods should fare better or worse, in addition to indicating current and future approaches that can mitigate the effects of discordance.

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National Science Foundation, Award: DBI-1564611