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Sanger sequences of marpissoid salticids for Kelawakaju placement

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Maddison, Wayne (2022). Sanger sequences of marpissoid salticids for Kelawakaju placement [Dataset]. Dryad.


The genus Kelawakaju Maddison & Ruiz, gen. nov., is described for a lineage of bark-dwelling Asian marpissine jumping spiders that represent a dispersal to Eurasia separate from that of the Marpissa-Mendoza lineage, according to the phylogeny recovered from analysis of four gene regions. All of the species of Kelawakaju are new except K. frenata (Simon, 1901), comb. nov., which is here transferred from Ocrisiona Simon, 1901. K. frenata is known from Hong Kong, Guangdong, Guangxi, and likely Taiwan. The five new species are Kelawakaju mulu Maddison & Ruiz (type species of Kelawakaju, from Sarawak, Malaysia, ♂♀), K. intexta Maddison & Ruiz (from Sarawak, ♂), K. leucomelas Maddison & Ng (Singapore and Johor Bahru, ♂♀), K. sahyadri Vishnudas, Maddison, & Sudhikumar (India, ♂♀), and K. singapura Maddison & Ng (Singapore, ♂♀), all sp. nov.


Traditional PCR - Sanger sequenced, base called with Phred/Phrap and manually, aligned with MAFFT.

Usage notes

NEXUS format; written by Mesquite.


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Award: RGPIN-2018-05055