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Retention behavior of analytes applying three micellar mobile phases

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Wahba, Mary; El Wasseef, Dalia; El Sherbiny, Dina (2021). Retention behavior of analytes applying three micellar mobile phases [Dataset]. Dryad.


This dataset contains data representing the retention behavior obtained upon utilizing three micellar based mobile phases for the simultaneous determination of certain partial dopamine agonists that are used to overcome the withdrawal symptoms of abused drugs, namely aripiprazole, pramipexole, and piribedil. The studied drugs were separated using micellar liquid chromatography (MLC), hybrid micellar liquid chromatography (HMLC), and micro emulsion liquid chromatography (MELC). The resultant retention behavior of the studied drugs applying the three developed mobile phases were mathematically manipulated to select the suitable mobile phase for log p measurement of the concerned pharmaceuticals. Experimental determination of log Pm/w values using the three mobile phases demonstrates that HMLC is the mobile phase of choice since the obtained practical log Pm/w values were in accordance with the reported log P values, and calculated log P and log D values.


The dataset was collected during separation and optimization of aripiprazole, pramipexole, and piribedil applying MLC, HMLC, and MELC in Central Laboratory at Faculty of Pharmacy Delta University for Science and Technology. Simple mathematical calculations of the obtained retention parameters were manipulated to select the most appropriate mobile phase for log P estimation.