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Data from: The state of European research in tropical biology


Cayuela, Luis; Granzow-de la Cerda, Íñigo; Méndez, Marcos (2017), Data from: The state of European research in tropical biology, Dryad, Dataset,


Global North research institutions have significantly contributed to the knowledge of tropical ecosystems, but their commitment to biological research in the tropics differs enormously between individual countries. We show that European nations that share a language, cultural affinities and/or retain social and political links with tropical countries (i.e. have an overseas history) make a larger contribution to tropical biological research. However, exceptions to this pattern demonstrate how science policy agendas can skew the capacity of countries to conduct biological research in the tropics. We conclude that some countries could make a far more important contribution to tropical biological knowledge, but for this to materialize, greater commitment by a country’s scientific community is needed, along with better financial and intellectual support from its public administrations.

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