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Gamma-gamma revisited supplementary data

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MacLeod, Norman; Nash, Brendan (2022). Gamma-gamma revisited supplementary data [Dataset]. Dryad.


This archive contains datasets, images, raw data-analysis results files, and software code listing for the analyses undertaken for the purpose of evaluating James A. Ford’s interpretations of his Gamma-gamma village archeological simulation. Results of our investigations are reported in full in MacLeod, N., and Nash, Brendan, S., 2021, Ford’s Gamma-Gamma village simulation revisited: highlighting the need for a new middle-range theory of archaeological types: Archaeometry, v. 63, p. 1081–1104.


Dataset Collection

All data employed in this investigation were collected from the 69 Gamma-gamma house sketches illustrated by James A. Ford (1954) and reproduced in Figure 1 of MacLeod and Nash (2021). 

Data Processing

These data (both numerical and image) were processed and analyzed using a variety of software written by Norman MacLeod in the Wolfram Mathematica™ scripting language. These routines are described in the Materials and Methods section of the manuscript. Listings of the code for these software packages can be found in the SD6 directory of this archive.

Usage notes

I can't think of anything anyone who wishes to repeat or extend the collection/analysis of these data would need to know or have in order to do so. However any questions are queries should be directed to NM at the address listed on the manuscript.