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Dataset for quantifying avian inertial properties using calibrated computed tomography


Windsor, Shane; Mahadik, Yusuf; Durston, Nicholas (2021), Dataset for quantifying avian inertial properties using calibrated computed tomography, Dryad, Dataset,


Estimating centre of mass and mass moments of inertia is an important aspect of many studies in biomechanics. Characterising these parameters accurately in three dimensions is challenging with traditional methods requiring dissection or suspension of cadavers. Here, we present a method to quantify the three-dimensional centre of mass and inertia tensor of birds of prey using calibrated computed-tomography (CT) scans. The technique was validated using several independent methods, providing body segment mass estimates within approximately 1% of physical dissection measurements and moment of inertia measurements with a 0.993 R2 correlation with conventional trifilar pendulum measurements. Calibrated CT offers a relatively straightforward, non-destructive approach that yields highly detailed mass distribution data that can be used for three-dimensional dynamics modelling in biomechanics. Although demonstrated here with birds, this approach should work equally well with any animal or appendage capable of being CT scanned.


European Research Council, Award: 679355

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council