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Jules, Bergis (2017), #BringBackOurInternet, UC Riverside, Text, https://doi.org/10.6086/D13W2Q


In response to a demonstrations related to a strike by teachers and lawyers in Cameroon, the government shut down internet connectivity in the English speaking regions of the country. http://www.voanews.com/a/cameroon-cuts-internet-in-englis... In response, concerned citizens and supporters protested on social media using the hashtag #BringBackOurInternet. The tweet ids in this dataset were collected on 5 separate occasions. There are 81,419 tweets in 5 separate datasets.

BringBackOurInternet_tweet_ids1, 3,896 tweets, collected 2017-01-23, 08:16:27

BringBackOurInternet_tweet_ids2, 4,518 tweets, collected 2017-01-23 13:16:20

BringBackOurInternet_tweet_ids3, 10, 410 tweets, collected 2017-01-25 06:13:53

BringBackOurInternet_tweet_ids4, 30,000 tweets, collected 2017-01-29 18:21:56

BringBackOurInternet_tweet_ids5, 32,595 tweets, collected 2017-01-29 18:51:47


These tweets were collected using the DocNow prototype twitter collection tool: http://app.docnow.io/

Usage Notes

You can recreate the tweets from the ids in this dataset using the DocNow Hydrator application: https://github.com/DocNow/hydrator