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Vegetation Change in the Natural Reserve of Orange County


Suding, Katherine; Dickens, Sara Jo; Bedgood, Samuel (2017), Vegetation Change in the Natural Reserve of Orange County, Dryad, Dataset,


This data set describes vegetation change in 109 areas in the Nature Reserve of Orange County. The authors of this data were mainly interested in the success of artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus) control, but it could be approached in many different ways. Surveyors identified and recorded more than 375 plant species from the years 1998, 2008, and 2013.


Methods for collection of data can be found in the linked materials named "Dickens and Suding Final Vegetation Change Report 2014" and "NROC 2008 Artichoke Thistle Sustainability Final Report." Clarifications have been added to the data set and are clearly marked.


SW 33.476699, -117.828369
NW 33.669497, -117.675247
Orange County, CA, USA